Cant maintain WILD stability

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Cant maintain WILD stability

Postby skatoylas » 18 Mar 2015 18:10

Last 2-3 weeks I am trying almost every day to get a WILD. First time I got to the hypnagogia state. Some days later I got there again and the next day I had my first WILD which only lasted some seconds. Since then I ve had 2 more that lasted just a bit longer.

The technique I use is pretty much just relaxing and letting my mind form images sounds and sensations of my thoughts without interacting with them actively. Then at some point I start vibrating and some times seeing and hearing things (the first time it was like I was floating somewhere in the universe and I was listening to very loud, ska at first and then dubstep, music.) Then the vibrations are so intent that move my body and I understand that I am dreaming, so I get up and I am ready to go.

The problem is the dream doesnt not last long enough. Also another problem that came up in my last one which was the first one to be handled as lucid, is that I couldnt control it. Let me describe my last dream:
I get up and the lights are off. I try to switch them on but they dont work. I start moving to the door that leads to the balcony. I say "Clarity now!!" but my voice isnt normal. I barely can talk. I then say "Clear and loud voice!". I try to speak clear and loud but nothing happens. I reach the balcony. I look down the street and I see some things that are not important to be described here and then I wake up. I am lying in my bed and I havent moved an inch.

Any advice would be reaaally appreciated.

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Re: Cant maintain WILD stability

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Mar 2015 03:49

Try doing your WILD with WBTB and that way once you enter into the WILD hopefully you will not drop straight back out as you'll be wanting to just go to sleep .

If you do drop out when doing it with the WBTB, keep trying. I will at times go in and out of LDs till I'm strongly in one.

Make sure you've read up on dream stabilization so you can try to stabilize when you find yourself in a dream and also for if you feel yourself starting to loose the dream eg rub hands together. (take care trying to talk out loud in a dream you've just entered in case it causes you to drop out). Also make sure you have a dream goal or something to focus on when you are in a dream, to keep your focus on the dream when needed.

Don't let the things you find you cant do in the LDs bother you. They are just challenges to get around (subconsciousness blocks unless you are consciously creating them).

I get up and the lights are off. I try to switch them on but they dont work.

That happens so commonly in LDs that some have used light switches to do their reality checking with.
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