Dreamed future event. Anyone else?

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Dreamed future event. Anyone else?

Postby Thefuturedream » 18 Mar 2015 18:19

I am sort of new to lucid dreaming and got started about 4 months ago.
Since then I have had about 6 memorable lucid dreams. And numerous semi-lucid dreams.

From the 6 I have had, 2 of them have been what I believe precognitive dreams.
I wont go into full detail of them just brief.
Actually, I'll explain the most notable one.

I waking life I have had a crush on this girl that goes to my school (I'm in college), this crush isn't like a normal crush like I feel a spiritual connection with her that I have never felt with anyone else. Also I have to mention she has pretty blonde hair. Straight blonde, no dark roots or anything just vivid blonde hair.
Anyway, we had christmas break and over that time when the break was over she moved out of the dorms (the place i'd often see her most) and into apartments.
So, coming back from break I noticed I didn't see her around at all. A month went by into the semester and I still didn't see her. During this break of not seeing her, I had a lucid dream in which I saw her. We were on a bridge's ledge not standing on the ledge but looking over it.
There were people between us and everything was foggy but I noticed her starring at me intently and this is when I became lucid.
Lucid I stared back at her, noticing her vivid blonde hair, even more so in the dream, then she starred away from me and I followed and looked away from her. A second went by and I looked back at her and she looked back at me, this time her hair color changed. It was now a faded purple that had some green in it and faded blonde. I thought it was very pretty and stated to her while lucid "You changed your hair". She smiled and shook her head yes then kept starred away. The dream then started to fade from there.
So back in reality, I recalled the dream so well I did not even need to write about it.

A couple weeks went by and I still have yet to see her. Couple weeks after I had this dream of her I was leaving my dorm room then I spot her away down the hallway entering her old dorm room with her friend that continues to leave in, and I notice from the far distance I was, her hair color had changed. It seemed to be purple.
She looked over at me and waved and then entered the room before I could get close enough to reinsure myself it did change. But another week passed and I saw her up close as I was leaving to class and she was entering the dorms again. Yes, her hair looked just like it did in the dream I had and I even got to mention to her "You changed your hair" in which she smiled and said yes.

Just to note I never knew prior to dreaming this or had any ideas that she would change her hair.

So, that leads me to ask. Does this mean anything? Is this a coincidence? Is there a science behind this? And has anyone else had real precognitive/esp like dreams? What were they?

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Re: Dreamed future event. Anyone else?

Postby wendieann » 20 Mar 2015 20:48

Did you immediately realize you had dreamt it?

I know, many times I am in a situation and it will be like a slow motion delay, and I'll think "I've done this before"... I don't trust myself to preguess what will happen, or what I remember.

I believe it happens often for me...but I push that acceptance that I just might know the future aside.

So, yes, I can relate.

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Re: Dreamed future event. Anyone else?

Postby wendieann » 20 Mar 2015 20:57

My father could also predict things in his dreams. He knew that my spouse was going to die in a car accident.

In fact the night my spouse died, I was camping and I had this strong urge to contact him. I can't explain the desperate urge. I immediately went home and tried to contact him. I was awoken a few hours later to find he passed away.

Since then, I have had a dream of our children and I being in an airplane, and my spouse was outside the window. I was crying and talking to him...pulling out the pictures of how much our children have grown. He would say to me, "I know. I've been watching"....

Many years later...

My father past away, and a year after his death, I have a dream and it has my father/grandfather and my spouse in it... All giving me a hug, kiss, and reassuring me that I'll be ok.

When I was married, I work crying my eyes out. My husband said I spoke to him, "please don't leave me". He said, of course I won't. I remember feeling my tears, but not speaking. A few months later he left us.

So, yes...

other times, are being somewhere and knowing what will happen. Or getting a sense of peace because I know what will happen.

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Re: Dreamed future event. Anyone else?

Postby taniaaust1 » 23 Mar 2015 14:56

Precog dreams do happen, Ive had a few of these, usually about disasters which are going to occur in my country a few days before they happened eg flood and a bushfire, ones people will die in. With some of these I clearly KNEW it would happen, in one of these dreams I even got given the name of the tiny town I'd never heard of before.

In that one I saw a white ute driving down a street giving a fire warning on speakers to the residents in the town to take cover "warning, warning.. fire in Wangary?????" I forgot the towns name name, it was weird aborginal name)

I also had another fire precog dream in which I was trying to save a little girl from a fire but no matter where I took this child in the dream the fire got her. I just couldn't save her. A few days later I saw her face on the news, she'd died in a fire with some others.

Another time during what I think may of been an OBE, I was talking to a shop keeper down the road saw the flood images I'd seen as like watching on a movie screen.. I saw them on TV when a flood happened a few days later.. exactly same pictures/scenes.

I saved a soulmate of mine years ago life but that wasn't due to a dream but due to precog feeling I got while awake and just sat with me. He was visiting me from England for 12 weeks and being a surfer had made plans to fly from Australia on leaving here to Indonesia to go surfing. My precog feel was so strong that it would be very very bad for him if he went there, I was scared he'd die, something was going to harm or kill him if he went to Indonesia at this time (but I didn't know what), that I ended up begging and pleading with him to not go on his surfing holiday there but head straight home from my country instead when his visa ran out.

As he'd knew about some of my past precog incidents fortunately he did listen and hence skipped the planned surfing there and went straight back to England. Turned out I saved him from the 2004 boxing day Tsunami (the worlds worst tsunami), he would been there saying right by the beach when that hit otherwise and would of been highly likely to have lost his life.

precog does happen.


My last precog wasn't completely accurate but close. I had a dream that my father was dying or had died. What I didn't know at the time and didn't find out till later was he was actually in hospital at the time I had the dream as he'd got kicked by a sheep and had developed dangerous blood clots in his leg due to this which the doctors were rather worried about as they can travel and kill someone.

I rarely get precog but I watch out for it as it can save someone as my experience with my soulmate showed me.
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