My DVD dreams

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My DVD dreams

Postby wendieann » 20 Mar 2015 20:43

Hello! My name is Wendieann. I am from Canada. I've had lucid dreams all my life. I've have many repetitive dreams, and I can fast forward/rewind/pause, and change the out come each time if I choose to.

I've encourage my children to also, by discussing their dreams. If they have nightmares, we talk about what we can do to possibly change it. Maybe the bad guy is lonely? hurt? needs help? etc. I've taught them to stop and turn around and face it. My daughter (9yrs old) can recall and talk about her dreams easily. My son doesn't as much.

My first vivid dream I recall is of jelly beans. All shapes and sizes, changing constantly all around me. I was terrified, and honestly, I have had that dream a few times since, and it has still scared me!! (my kids laugh at that)

My only frustration with my dreams is flying. I seem to always have to flap my arms! (hate it!) Plus, I can't go too high in the sky. I can carry people, objects, just not well.

My oldest son thinks it isn't healthy. He says, I'm not getting a good enough sleep if I can recall and control my dreams.

I'm glad to be here! I look forward to reading everyone's stories. :D

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Re: My DVD dreams

Postby Limeth » 20 Mar 2015 21:21

That sounds really nice and I am envious of your abilities of dream interaction.
I can't help you from my experience, because I've never had a lucid dream yet (since I've begun trying to induce them), but I know that usually whenever you have an intention to do something in the dream, you just have to imagine doing it and it happens. In your case, it would be focusing on flight without having to flap your arms, maybe believing in some mystical force suddenly giving you the ability to take off. If you can believe it, it will happen.
I've never heard dream recall could be unhealthy. If so, I'd be the healthiest living human ever.

Enjoy your stay. :)
Throwing away your dreams means throwing away 20% of your life.

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