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Mousey MILD

Postby The Cusp » 23 Mar 2015 00:02

All the good "ILD" names are already taken, so call this one a MILD where the "M" stands for mouse.

As you lay down to sleep, leave one of your hands in a position that could conceivably hold a small mouse. Then begin to imagine holding a mouse in your hand. Imagine the patter of it's feet, it's twitchy movements, the feel of it's whiskers brushing against your skin. Imagine the mouse nibbling your fingertips.

Before very long, you should notice yourself moving fingers and a hand that are not your real hand, but the hand of your dream body. The Mousey MILD is only meant to bring you to this point, the early emergence of the dream body. From there you're on your own and will have to experiment on how to flesh out the rest of the dream, but I recommend using any sort of movement which produces a strong feeling of momentum.

If you put down the mouse once you shake loose a dream limb or two and focus instead on the phantom limbs, you could conceivably force and OBE scenario.

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