Spirits visiting me

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Spirits visiting me

Postby karlyvavra » 25 Mar 2015 18:01

Hello all,

I am a very spiritual person and I believe spirits come to me and have been my entire life.

I remember being 3 or 4 years old and seeing what I believe now was a demon going into my mother as she slept. That was the first thing I saw and still remember it as if it were yesterday (25 now). At 14, I walked into a book store and a woman walked right up to me and said to my mom "your daughter is an indigo child". Which apparently is children born in the late 80's and early 90's who have more senses spiritually than others.

Over the years I've always heard very negative things. Intense loud banging on my bedroom door when I live on my own, knocking on windows where I'm sleeping, children crying, teenagers crying. I also feel things touching me sometimes. Especially on my head to the point where I have to swat whatever it is away. Which is strange because my mother had a dream once her grandmother who passed and who she was very close to was playing with her hair in the same spot where I feel it. Little did we both know is that we've both experienced that for years. So yes, I believe!

Although I don't know if they truly are trying to be negative, sometimes I wonder If they're trying to wake me up or tell me something. My mother in law passed away a few years ago and i was extremely close with her and ever since she passed the knocking started. When I hear the knocking on the windows, I'm always having a nightmare. So I figured someone was trying to wake me up out of the bad dream. But who knows?

This entire time they've always been angry or negative, minus the head touching. But recently, I moved into a new apartment and one night I was having a nightmare and I remember in my sleep I could hear the handle on my door shaking radically. Like someone was very eager to get into my room. I woke up, said "thank you for waking me", and went back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning my bedroom door was open. Which is strange seeing as I 100% had it locked. As I do every night.

My landlord had told me she always felt the presence of her passed grandmother and that freaky things happened to her there.

Last night, I did my nails and then I went to bed and dreamt a older woman was sitting on my bed while I was sleeping and was playing with my nails, touching my thumb saying my nails looked nice and clean. When I woke up in the morning I had a long, uneven cut on my thumb.

Just curious to see what you guys think about these dreams?

Thanks :)


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Re: Spirits visiting me

Postby taniaaust1 » 27 Mar 2015 12:46

It probably would of been better to have posted this in the paranormal section of the forums as paranormal advice isn't supposed to be being given in the other sections of the forums as some don't like it.

You could be natural medium.

Lots of people do carry entities (Ive been to healers and had a lot removed from me, I can unfortunately often feel these if I take one on). Entities and demons aren't that uncommon (there is a reason why many religions believe in these), so maybe you did see a demon (or maybe you were tired and getting hypnagogia images).

Secondly it sounds like you need to be shielding yourself and protecting your house from negative intruders and doing a house clearing. Ask for blessings and protection when you go to bed each night, imagine divine light surrounding you, protecting you. You could also burn white sage in your house to help clear it, make sure the sage smoke gets everywhere, wave it about the place (make sure its white sage and not another kind as I've found the other kinds don't work nowhere as near as well for negative energy).

I don't think we can trust that what we hear in a dream is real.

Maybe you cut your finger when doing them but didn't notice (you obviously did cut it some time without noticing when).

Whether you are an indigo or not, I cant tell. Many of the indigos I know (at least one of my daughters is an indigo, she's also a natural medium) can see auras etc and have other skills naturally eg most I've met have ability to work with energy and many of them even remember their past lives.

I personally don't trust things I get in just a dream.
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