Low Level Lucid Horror

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Low Level Lucid Horror

Postby taniaaust1 » 28 Mar 2015 09:47

I'm outdoors in place which is a very dangerous place as people like myself are being hunted. Us people live in immense fear and always on the run, hiding amongst buildings.

I see school children in their uniforms being lined up, probably to be slaughtered, I push myself through these to make my way to a safer spot while avoiding those on patrol for us.

They are coming!! and there is nowhere to hide where I am. I quickly run and climb up something and onto a platform area half way up a building. Too late, they are now coming around the corner and are coming in both the directions towards me. I can only freeze, praying I wont be noticed up here and that they will just walk on past.

The being still is seeming to work. One of the groups of the patrol has walked past me so I figure they must have some kind of motion sensors and as I'm not moving, they are missing me.
I move very slightly and suddenly one of the guys of the patrol coming the other way notices me. I have no chance with all these. No chance at all and nowhere to go. They get me. The zombies start eating me alive.

I start telling myself, "do not think of this hurting, do not think of this hurting", "I can have no pain if I don't think of this hurting as this is a dream". It's still terrifying for me as I know I can feel extreme pain in lucids so I try hard to control my mind to not allow them eating me to hurt.

I get horrific visuals of myself being eaten as I feel their teeth go through me, many teeth eating my arms and legs, my flesh being bitten and ripped off. Fortunately its not a pain thing but rather as a feeling of it happening thing instead.

By the time they are finished with me, I'm a broken bloody discarded body on the ground with less then half of one leg as it has been completely eaten away. I've now got just a bloodied stump there.

I get myself up, willing myself to still be able to walk though I have most of a leg missing. I manage to do so. Other DCs who had escaped are all looking at me in utter amazement to see me up walking without a leg when I should be dead. I tell them I'm very powerful.

One DC guy really wants to know how I'm doing this so I tell him the secret is that this is all like a dream and all you need to do is believe you can. I tell him to spread to others that "this is only a dream".
Just as I finally absorb this information myself properly (I think I had an extremely low level of lucidity before this as I wasnt even thinking of my tasks while my life was in danger and then being eaten was just too intense an experience to think of other things), I wake up as I've also became aware that I left my bedroom light on and the light is bothering me.


this dream had I had been more lucid then just low level, I would of thought more about it and tried to wake myself up from. It's good though I didn't as it's helped me face my fear of being hurt again in a dream.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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