2nd lucid dream

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2nd lucid dream

Postby rdc8214 » 06 Jun 2012 22:26

So i finally had my 2nd lucid dream and it was a dream inside a dream. I actually tried talking to some characters and successfully met two. The first was a young boy who was serving drinks at a bar. I asked him for a red bull and laughed b/c i had been having a hard time flying and said i needed wings. I asked him who he represented in my subconscious and he replied "Linguistics". It seemed so easy that i decided to ask an obese lady walking down the side walk also ( the bar was cool b/c you could order drinks from the sidewalk). This lady stopped when i asked her the question and she sort of giggled while looking around. It was almost as if she didn't want to tell me. The she said, "Um......well, when you were very little i put you in my shopping cart but i only got to the end of the aisle before i took you out." She looked remorseful and went on her way. Then next person i tried to ask smiled at my salutation and i commented him on how handsome he looked. when i asked him the question of who he represented he just shook his head and i woke up into the first layer of my dream. My question to anybody is this " have you had characters refuse to give up who they represent and also has anyone met a character like the obese lady." Also I attempted to make the ceiling into what i referred to as "a giant interface system" It would speak back to me, but would only tell me no. Random and ineffective. Till next time all.

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Re: 2nd lucid dream

Postby Luciddreamer007 » 26 Oct 2015 12:28

This happened sometimes to me. The DC ignores me, thinks too long for his/her answer or just talks gibberish. Its actually funny seeing them talking gibberish, makes me feel a bit superior to them
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