04/03/2014 Success!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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04/03/2014 Success!

Postby Xälos Prömythos » 30 Mar 2015 02:23

I managed to achieve lucidity with intensity. I was among some coconut trees, probably near a body of water, and the sun was setting - the sky was orange, but with no gradient, I think. As soon as I turned conscious (and It happened suddenly, with no stimulus), I looked at the detail on the trees. I was fascinated by it - I even hugged one and tried to climb it, but as I'm not a good tree climber, I wasn't able to do so in the dream.

I used the "spinning technique" in order to remain in the dream world. It worked just fine. Next, I felt like flying so I remember shooting up into the sky in great speed. I don't remember what came next, but I would guess thaht just before this scene, there was the "Covenant Scene", which means I lost consciousness and then regained it in the "Coconut Trees Scene". Or at least the level of intensity decreased, which is just the same.

The coconut trees had texture! They were hard, dry and rough. It did have those "sections". The experience was fascinating.

The Covenant

For those who don't play Halo, the Covenant are purple aliens with plasma weapons who hate humans.

The Covenant invaded Earth and deployed some purple spheres around my city (Rio de Janeiro). I remember picking up some alien weapons and shooting back at them, wanting to defend my parents. This first encounter happened at the Lagoon, just at the waterline, close to the slope that leads to the water. In order words, the bike track. Them, we went home and my parents wanted to lead normal lives, as if aliens were not invading our planet. My dad wanted to go to work. I insisted that if they were caught, they would shoot themselves so not to get tortured. I wasn't lucid yet.

There was an alien sphere just at the center "hole" of my building (the one for ventilation and stuff". But this was not the sphere I mananged to crush and levitate with telekinesis. There was one sphere outside, which I had to focusu my power on to destroy. So i levitated it and then crushed it with my power. I may have thrown it away after doing this, can't recall.

I think once I realised I had so much power, and due to the fact that the dream had a very high connection/resolution, lucidity came close to happening, and eventually it did, in the "Coconut Trees Scene".
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