My experience with Calea Z

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My experience with Calea Z

Postby berggg » 01 Apr 2015 07:35

Tonight I tried Calea Z for the first time. I first took 100 mg 5-htp and went to bed. I slept for 4,5 hours and got up. I took 5000 mg of Calea Z, five of these capsules ( Since I'm a light sleeper I also took 200 mg of L-theanine.

I stayed up for around 20-30 minutes. Did some reading and meditation. I tried to go back to sleep again, something which took at least another hour. During the next 3,5 - 4 hours I was very much awake (at lest it felt like that). I really had a hard time managing to sleep (the same thing happens when I take galantamine (4 mg)).

Anyway I had some dreams, and I remembered the dreams better than usual upon awakening. But there were nothing special or spectacular with those dreams. Nothing at all, except that they were very populated. I did not become lucid, but did not expect so either. That is not why I'm disapointed. I just expected to have some cool dreams.

The irony here is that in one dream I was dreaming about Calea Z. I dreamt that I had taken it and it did not work. I was so disapointed. I was talking to and old lady about my frustrations about not getting lucid in my dreams, and my frustrations with galantamine and Calea Z. It only keeps me awake. Galantamine seldom leads to lucidity and Calea Z does not lead to spectacular dreams. AND IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND THAT I WAS DREAMING! VERY FRUSTRATING!

Did I take enough? I think so. The recommended dose for these capsules is 4000 mg. I took 5000 mg. I could really feel it in my body and my head that I've taken something. Something was different. Much like the same "sensations" I get when I take galantamine.

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Re: My experience with Calea Z

Postby son of shennong » 07 Apr 2015 18:25

I've taken Calea Z once. As a formally trained herbalist, I find it useful to check out all the uses of an herb associated w lucid dreaming before ingesting.
Regarding my experience, 1st some clarification regarding myself. I've been on a somewhat radical diet for the last 6 months or so. One result of this is that my transit time is somewhat accelerated than the avg American (probably between 8-12 hours), never really clocked it, just ballparking, probably something I should do at some point.
Having said that, I took Calea Z, approx 1gram (herb came dried and pulverized in gelatin caps, I emptied a few and put them in vegi caps as I had read about how the taste was somewhat nauseating). Took them in the evening b4 sleep. Long story short, dreams were a bit more vivid, but not memorable enough for entry into the journal. Side effect next day diarrhea & intestinal cramping. Resolved itself within 24 hours.

Here's a link w a list of uses for this herb. Obviously, constipation stands out to my eyes ;)

Would I use it again. Possibly, but in a lower dose, and as part of a stack.
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