Mr. Shadow

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Mr. Shadow

Postby emberfire012 » 04 Apr 2015 00:05

I have read several articles on here about turning nightmares into lucid dreams, and I never thought that I would need that skill because I rarely have nightmares, but last night, I had one, and I turned it lucid, thankfully, and I got some valuable info from my subconcious.
The dream starts out with me in my local airport, holding my old childhood security item, nicknamed "Saki" by me as a child. The storyline of the dream says that I'm going to ComicCon to see my cousin.
Suddenly, I see Kim Kardashian, and I go over to her and I take a picture with her, while still holding Saki. Then, I see my teacher. Embarassed to be seen with Saki, I try to put Saki away, but he has already seen it. Humiliated, I run into the crowd.
Suddenly, I'm home alone, with my Great Pyrenees, Olaf. He keeps barking and pacing my living room, nervous about something. I hear this weird series of noises coming from my closet, so I run upstairs to my bedroom and I check it out. There is nothing there.
I keep hearing the noises, and I am now nervous, since it is dimly-lit in my room for some reason. Suddenly, the shadows on my floor begin to move, and I see the shadow of a man, who I dubbed "Mr. Shadow", even though there is no one there. The noises get louder and stranger.
Mr. Shadow moves, and I lose it. I begin to scream, terrified out of my wits. For some reason, I don't run.
Instead, I begin to yell, "THIS BETTER BE A DREAM! THIS BETTER BE A DREAM!" as I frantically did a reality check.
I was right. It was a dream.
Now lucid, I tell Mr. Shadow to stop. He does, and we teleport to my living room, where Olaf gives him a frightened glance. I order Mr. Shadow to sit, and he climbs up a shelf and crams himself there. Then, I ask him a question.
"Why are you doing this?" He looks at me for a moment, then replies, "Because I represent your social anxiety." I process his information in my mind, then I tell him two words:
"F*** off." Mr. Shadow nods, then I wake up.
I have bad social anxiety, which has been making me really self-concious these days, and I feel like that was a wake-up call to try and be a bit more confident or get help.

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Re: Mr. Shadow

Postby jasmine2 » 04 Apr 2015 03:58


When I was in my teens and 20's, I felt very self-conscious and anxious in many social situations. I gradually came to realize that, most of the time, other people were much more concerned with their own thoughts and inner feelings than they were with wondering very much about me. If some people are habitually critical of others, you can be pretty sure that they're probably trying to cover up their own feelings of insecurity.

At social gatherings, I began to notice if there was another person who seemed somewhat shy, or perhaps they didn't know many of the guests. I would get brave enough to go over and exchange a few words with them. Often they were relieved to be able to "break the ice", and together we might be able to widen our conversation with other people.

There are psychotherapists who are experienced with helping people to overcome various anxieties and phobias.

The book - "Creative Dreaming" by Patricia Garfield - includes wise discussions about working with threatening dreams, asking the dreaming awareness to send helpful dream guides, and how to incubate dreams for dealing with interpersonal difficulties or practicing other skills useful in daily life.

You demonstrated your inner power and dreaming self-awareness by standing up to Mr. Shadow, however, if he or a similar scary dream character reappears, you could ask him or her to stop threatening you and to help you instead.

Best wishes - jasmine2

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