New WILD tech for noobs

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New WILD tech for noobs

Postby DreamLord » 04 Apr 2015 19:29

This technique is a particular flavor of WILD that has worked quite well for me. Just like the other techs, do this like 4 1/4 hours after you go to sleep.

Step 1: Suiting Up
Think about what you want to do tonight in your dream throughout the day. Go to sleep like any other day, but set your alarm to 4:15 hours after you go to sleep. Remember that it usually takes about 15 minutes to fall asleep. Also, it helps to have a cup of green tea on hand(preferably matcha). Wake up at the allotted time(if you can, use the radio alarm), shut off your alarm, then get up and drink some water(or the tea, if you made some). The important part is not to see any bright lights. Go back to bed, and move to step 2

Step 2: T- 10 minutes
You will now repeat the following cycle 4-6 times, taking about 15 seconds on each step of the cycle:
  • Focus on sight: Peer into the dark, and notice anything that seems different(3D void, "fog",etc.)
  • Focus on sound: Listen to sounds, paying close attention to anything that seems out of place(like music that shouldn't be there, or voices that are out of place)
  • Focus on Somesthesia(touch, heat, balance, etc.): Feel the weight of your blanket, the temperature of the room, and notice any abnormal sensation(floating, moving, etc.)
As you move through the cycles, you will probably make mistakes or lose count. Simply resume where you left off. you will soon notice very weird sensations, like a sort of 3D void, or maybe you feel like your floating or moving. (Note, it is very important that you do not focus on expecting these sensations; instead, you should notice them when they arrive. Do the cycles without any preset expectation of seeing anything.) If so, still passively observing and noticing(like someone who's really stoned), go to step 3.

Step 3: T- 10 seconds
What you are now experiencing is known as hypnagogia. As you observe it, try to form a square. At first, just will it to appear. As you vaguely recognize a square, focus on it, holding the concept of square in your mind, and it will slowly form into an HD square. Using something similar, turn the square into a nice picture frame. Now, recognize the concept that what you see in the frame is independent of the outside. This will create a separate space inside the frame. Using your techniques on this new area,slowly form a recognizable object. Once formed, try thinking in what situation would this object be. For example, say you created a fire hydrant. In what situation would it be? Maybe firefighters are battling an inferno with it, or children are playing in its spray. Whatever you imagine, hold onto it and expand onto it. In our example, imagine what the street that the children are playing on looks like. Maybe its a nice, suburban street, surrounded by well kept lawns, and the occasional plastic flamingo. Extend on it, until you've created a world within the picture frame. You are now ready for step 4.

Step 4: Liftoff!
Now, move towards the frame, until your little world fills your field of vision. Accepting the concept of i am here, move away from the frame, and find yourself now within your dreamworld, The frame no longer there because the gateway to the void where you started has closed. Allow yourself to be fully enveloped by your creation. Now, try pushing your fingers through your hand. It will work, and simply reaffirm "This is a dream". Look at your hands, carefully inspect and notice every minute detail, and those details will appear, you're world becoming extremely high-definition. Rub your hands together, and notice that feeling. These steps integrate you fully into the dream. From here on out, its your world. Enjoy, and Sweet dreams.

Edit: The Construct
Though the above method is awesome, i prefer(in step 3) to make a filled-in white square, then "dive" into it(or sometimes i "fade in" this area:). I reach an infinite White expanse(like the construct from The Matrix). wherever i walk, i feel a floor beneath my feet. I've sort of "associated" different dreamworlds with certain symbols, so I will simply see A part of the whiteness open like elevator doors, and inside is an elevator with those symbols for buttons. Its really awesome, and i've created an art gallery that i can access through this elevator. I occasionally exit the dream into this whiteness, by zooming out, create what i needed, then zoom back in. It has become my expectation to enter this world every time, with all the stuff i left there still there. The awesome part is, My subconcsious sort of stores "snapshots" of this place to regenerate it in the future upon my next arrival. I recommend this approach.
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Re: New WILD tech for noobs

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Apr 2015 13:23

Though this one may work for some and be great for those, I've tried it several times trying step two for longer and longer periods as I wasn't getting anything happening (I ended up doing step 2 for 30 mins with still no luck)and though I can often WILD in other ways, it doesn't work for me at all.

I think why it doesn't work in my own case is
1/ It keeps my mind too awake
2/ I don't tend to get any hypnagogia before I usually WILD and this one assumes a person does.

I wanted to share my experience with this technique so if you also get unlucky with this one don't think you are certainly going to be a failure with all WILD techniques (as I can WILD fairly well at times with other techniques).
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