First Lucid dream let sleep paralysis take over

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First Lucid dream let sleep paralysis take over

Postby MaxKrypton » 04 Apr 2015 21:57

So basically, I've been trying to lucid dream lately and honestly, I can pretty much lucid dream almost at will. It's just I had a bad Lucid Nightmare experience a while ago and Just got too scared cause it seemed so real when it was happening and have been kind of scared to try until now.

SO last night, I decided to bite the bullet and let myself fall into sleep paralysis after waking up in the middle night. I started to drift back to sleep with the Dream I just awoke from in Mind and I felt the paralysis come on. The buzzing specifically and felt myself drifting into a Dream/Sleep state and I started getting anxiety, but i told myself to just let it roll. So I did. I let the buzzing take over and drifted off into a dream. I was automatically lucid. The Feeling..the experience was so real..I had forgotten how real it felt. I always read peoples lucid experiences on here about it being real, but UNTIL you experience it first hand, you have no idea, which brings me to the dream:

So I was on a school bus, as it was driving and was Automatically lucid on scene. I remember Standing there(Yes i was standing as the bus was moving in the isle for some reason) thinking how REAL it all felt and I got a little bit too excited, so i told myself "Ok ok ok calm down. Remember what everyone says on the lucid dreaming forum website about not getting too excited". So I started walking towards the front of the bus, letting my hands drag from seat to seat(again in awe how real it felt). I got to the front and there was a guy(about age 15) in the front seat with blonde hair. I didnt recognize him, but I remember looking at him and he looked at me and i got Creeped out because i remember reading on here how dream characters can be hostile or attack you, so i Immidentely felt fear, but then told myself that its just a dream and that he might React on how i feel since he's really just a relfection of my mind. So i asked him, rather nervously, "What are you doing here" and I dont remmeber what he said, because the dream started fading at this point and I woke up.

I mustve scared myself awake or something, but Wow the experience is as real as you are reading this.

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