My Longest Dream Ever!

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My Longest Dream Ever!

Postby HAGART » 07 Jun 2012 19:49

I don't expect anybody to read this completely through. But it sure was a great challenge in dream recall for me. If you are curious about dream journals or if you think your dreams are crazy, skim through this and you will see how I write my dream journals and you will feel comfortable with your dreams because this one is as weird as any other you may have. They are very weird sometimes, but you got to write them down, as if you are just the messenger, and be open with yourself. Maybe there's something interesting in this dream... probably not, but this dream, although it changed many times, was never interrupted by waking. I estimate it must have lasted 2 hours or so. And there is some crazy imagery (dogs being suspended by ropes and kept alive). Stuff happens you just don't see/do when lucid.

Note: I use to live in HK (Hong Kong), I went to HKIS (Hong Kong International School)
Nobody will know who the names are or what they mean in relation to me and I'll just keep it that way.
And I don't spell check my dream journals....

Anyway, here is the EPIC!

Friday, February 24, 2012


I was sitting on a stage, my head next to a speaker. There was a crowd infront of me, and I must have been a vip or friend of the band to sit there. I was worried that the music would be too loud and I would get dizzy and faint in front of everybody. Slash was playing guitar, but it was quite, like the way I played in jazz band[I use to turn my amp down so nobody could hear my bad playing :oops: ], he was using my amp. I wondered if he knew how to use the metal switch. I had a cigarette and was smoking it in a weird way- straight up. I thought I must look ridiculous in front of the crowd.

I think I left and was in a room, kinda back stage. I saw a guy with a base guitar and he was plucking it and tuning it like a professional before a show. I saw a sink and ran my finished cigarette under water and then saw a large ashtray and put it in. (I don't know when in this dream but there was a room with something in it that had to do with Megadeth). I went back to the door and opened it to return. There where some girls behind me that I only assumed were hot, but I didn't look at them and just opened the door and left. I think I may have left it open for them a bit, but not looking or chivalrous or flirtatious.

I was now in a large hall, like a mall, and ahead was a large area where a concert was. I found it very hard to walk fast. My legs just couldn't take large smooth strides. I continued walking that way for a while, eager to get back, then I started to walk normally again. I felt embarrassed about how I must have looked when I was walking silly. It must have looked dumb. The I turned right and was entering back into the crowd when everything started to slow down. Not my walking, but everything as though in slow motion. I thought this would normally freak me out and panic attack me, but I felt good about it, like I was high. I just looked around and enjoyed all I saw. Mostly people.

I forget how, but it must have been soon after this, but I was outside now, and returning to the party inside. I noticed in the park outside, the main demographic was teens and 12-16. They were acting more imature and just enjoyed being out for the night. They rough housed and stuff like that. I was going to go through a fence, but then I would have to open a gate on the otherside and I could simply go around and so I did. Besides, it was full of teens. I thought about how I should have gone to the Beasty Boy Concert when I was a teen. I went around and then started to see a bunch of rabbits. Someone suggested that we coral them in the fenced area like a cage. I agreed and we stuck our arms out and tried to force them in like sheep. Then one bit me on my right hand. It bled a little and I thought, great, now I am going to get rabbies. Then I climbed up a small hill and around a fence. I thought that I worry too much and the rabbit didn't look like it had rabbies and the odds are slim and alot of people get bit in the wild, so why me worry.

I now helpped Eric Sell put away a tool, like a lawnmower thing. It wasn't tucked under a shelf far enough and he was upset with me. There were other such tools and they were supposed to be fit snug together to make room for more potential ones. I fugured there was plenty of room in there and it didn't matter. Finally he agreed and we slid down a soft slide of fabric to a path and walked back to the large party. It's no use arguing about, we both agreed, but I was still a little upset, but not for long.

Back inside, I realized I was still wearing work gloves and should have left them back where the tools were. I forget what I did with them, I think I just took them off and tossed them. The concert was over know and the place was emptying. I wondered how I would get home, it felt like HK, and I thought about how there are so many people, catching a bus would be impossible. Or maybe the city made a special bussing schedual for the occasion? I don't know if I was talking to anybody, but someone overheard me and realized for themselves and quickly ran to catch a bus. I figure why fight the crowd?

I was going to have to find a place to sleep for the night. Steven was with me now, and he mentioned that he use to trick Tourist Centers with his friends and sleep there. It was his job to wait in line. (or did they take turns?) I imagined them all dressing up in Tibetan clothes. It's not the most comfortable place, but I imagined that Steven probably enjoyed the deceat. I thought about was my friends would have done, and they would have found a better place, more secluded. It is day now and I start walking up a steep hill, and I hear steven recalling all the places where his friends use to live or maybe places he use to go. I saw blue letters super-imposed over places like windows of a building as he called them out. I thought maybe that's how he sees the world. I wonder if we are getting lost, but he reassures me that we have to go up because that is where central is and where all the buses are. It is steep cement with a pattern of little, mossy, oblong holes that I used to put my fingers in the help climb. There was a roadway to our left and high above. I or He wished we had a grapple hook to get up. But then I think I saw some steps and we climbed up. Now on the road, we cross to the left and came to a fence. It is a shortcut, but we can't get through or tresspass. Apparently steven use to. I look through and see a large feild with a ferris wheel or some other carnival ride in the distance.

There must be a faster way, and then we see right there is an elevator type thing. It's the size of a port-a-potty, and fits only one person. Steven puts in a coin and then a small, half-long, AA battery appears in a tube in the center. You must lift the tube and take the battery. Apparently the battery is the ticket or something. I think I get one. He climbs in and just before it goes down, he remembers to shut the door just in the nick of time. Then it must have come back, but now there were several elevator things in a row. Other chinese where being pushing and I think someone cut in front of me. Then I see you need to place 4 battery type things in a 2x2 slot and then get in. They are in there already though. I wondered why they didn't just connect the 4 together to make it easier and more efficient. Now the row of elevators was like a train and it started to move. I was only inches away. Some woman got caught between in and the wall and got carried away, her pants were torn off. She was ok though and it was comical. I commented to myself that it is funnier when an embarrassing thing like that happens to a woman it is funnier than to a man.

I forget a bit, but the next thing I remember, I was drunk and walked into a convenience store. It was going to be a long walk home and I needed to sober up. I looked around the counter for candy and could barely stand and I almost fell on the counter several times. I was obviously drunk. Instead of falling over and fainting I went to a corner surrounded by candy on shelves and sat on the ground. I needed some energy really bad, so I grabbed a candy and ate it. It was a Ferrero Rochet, but didn't really look like one. I had squashed it flat and it may have had a filling. I think there was a cop in the place and I tried to explain what I was doing. I had the money to pay, but just really needed it. I said I need some sugar in my blood. I was thinking that maybe I am a diabetic. The guy behind the counter understood and I grabbed a large bag of candy that looked like whoppers, but smaller and multi-colored, but I thought the solid filling would fill me up. The guy suggested something else, but I said I want something with a filling like a Twix bar, but I don't want a Twix. I thought of Coffee Crisp. Then I saw a candy that had rice filling. They were small like chocolate covered rice, but I guess the rice was like Rice Crispies or like a Crisp Bar. He approved of it and I bought it, and reminded him of the Ferroro Rochet. At one time someone entered the line in front and the shop keeper shooed them away cause they entered the wrong spot. I suggested putting a 'no-entry' sign up so people wouldn't get confused, but as I was leaving the store I saw that there wasn't enough room. It was a small store with a counter where I was and one shelf leaving no room to get into the counter.

I forget more, but the next thing I remember, I was walking down a street outside with someone beside me, someone I knew, but nobody in particular. Felt most like Tony. I looked up at the sky and it was red and yellow and swirly, like a fractal kinda. So I told him, you see how this whole universe is just one big fractal? It started out feeling like an open space to my right like water, we were on the right side of the road and to the left felt like land. Then there were trees to our right and left. I said the trees are like fractals. The trunk, the branch, the limb, they are all a fractal of the same thing. Everything is one simple mathmatical equation and our brains only percieve it to be complex. Then he said something about one of the fallen trees that we were passing, (I was now walking in the forest just beside the road), he said it was all dried out. Then he pushed on it and it snapped. I thought it was neat. I was walking on a slope now and using smaller trees for balance, but one fell over. I hoped there were no birds in it, but there was. I saw a nest on the ground and three chicks, none I know but bird like, the birds were outside the nest. They survived and I thought the mother will simply rebuild a new nest and they will be alright. She might even recycle the same nest. I kept going, but some girls I seem to remember from school like Cathy Batttenfeild and one other put some wet wood chips on the ground ontop of the nest. I said don't do that. (It will make it harder for the mother to salvage the nest.)

Then I don't know how it happened, but I passed a vehicle of some kind and was now with a group of people, teaching kids how not to trust strangers. I forget some of them, but the last one there was an open box like an open suitcase. David and I think Adin were there too. We were teaching a small black kid not to gamble. We showed him some cards in the right side of the box and showed that they are ok on their own. Then someone I think david to my right showed him some chips. But I had chips on my side too and thought there is nothing wrong with it, it is just plastic. Then I opened a wallet and showed the kid some bills. The kid must have already been taught and said no or something. So we were reinforcing that cards on their own is alright, but when money is involved it is not. So Card = OK ; Card + Money = Not OK.

Then I think I continued walking and I was with a mother and her daughter. The mother was proud of her daughter and how she handled my situation back at the convenience store. Apparently she was the one who helped me. The daughter trusted me. I thought about customer service and thought shouldn't anybody. Then I said, as long as they are in the store you can trust them, but you can't just trust any stranger. The mother seemed to agree. They were heading to a car in a parking lot, I looked down and saw gravel ground and a metal hook.

There was a building in the parking lot, and I think I went around it when I saw what happened next. I saw a dog, muzzled with something that covered almost it's hole head leaving only the eyes showing. It was tied to a tree. I thought it was cruel and wondered how long the dog had been tied there, and I think I was speaking to mom. I looked at the tree, where the rope was tied to it, and the tree had grown around the rope, so it had been there for a very long time. I don't know if it was later, but the rope being there along time didn't mean the dog had been. Then I saw another dog, however I think it was the same, only that I looked at it again. This time it was suspended in the air and it had a rope leading under its belly. I wondered what it was doing there and I couldn't beleive that someone had tied the rope around the dog's balls. It was so cruel and the dog was still alive. To the left was another dog that was suspended too. It had a large ring peirced through it's back end and it was quivering slightly hanging on to life. I saw a large mansion behind. I seemed to recall this house from Hong Kong and told mom that we can see it on Google Maps. I realised the owners of the house would torture the gaurd dogs that didn't behave properly. I felt gut-wrentched and looked at the mansion. It had many rooms all light up and in each one, dispicable torture was taking place. I didn't know to who though, not necessarily dogs. Then there was a guy outside the house, who was apparently the antagonist, monster guy, and he fell in a fire in the front and was burning. I think he may have gotten up half burned.

Then I realized that I was just watching a movie. Apparently it was a horror flick that those two guys liked in the movie, "summer school". I felt bad that they showed the ending cause I would have liked to see the whole thing. As we were all leaving, one of the guys said it was "arm squeezing" or something. And then he gripped his forearm with his other hand and sqeezed until it cracked a little. I was confused why he would do that to himself.

I forget, but soon after I was with a girl and we both needed to escape the building. There was a horror movie monster type thing on the loose. We both needed pants though or a change of them anyway. I saw some long johns on the floor at a left bend in the hall I think they were grey and I put them on or take them. We both turn left and leave into the street. Then we go into a hall or alley to the right of where we exited. I guy came running out and followed us. At first he was an enemy and he threw something at us. But then he was actually with us and tagged along. At the other end of the tunnel it opened up into an urban street. No cars that I remember but buildings and a road. The girl didn't want to go home without her bike though. Apparently it was her mothers and she borrowed it for the evening. Then I seem to recall using it and breaking it earlier, (but I think it was part of the struggle, not an accident).

We continued walking down the street. It was bright and sunny and apparently we had a time machine that we were going to use and we would relive this day again, because it was just so fun. It felt like the beginning of the school year, perhaps our last year together. I wondered if we live this day over and over, how would we complete the school year? How would we be able to live with boring tomorrow? How would we live our whole lives? Maybe there is another good day we can relive?

Then I am in a car, with these people, I am in the passenger seat and dad is driving. There are 3 or so lanes and no cares and dad drives really fast. There is a purple lane to the left and dad goes to it and it is an exit lane. I just realized that the idea to time travel and relive the same day won't work. I have just poked a hole in their story I think to myself. I try to explain, but a window is open and it is very loud. Paper on the dashboard starts flying all over the place and I think of the Seinfeld joke about paper weights and I say to David, who is in the back seat now, I need a paper weight! Finally, I explain that if we were to live the same day again, I could take a cheap bike that I don't care about instead of the girl's and we could kill the monster early on in the day since we know how now.

I am in a school now and I am discussing the idea with another guy. The guy is like the guy from Humber. I say that the 1st day would be normal, the 2nd would improve, and the 3rd would be the best possible. He suggests something about a love interest developing each day. It was as though we were planning a movie. I see a large bin of contraptions, they were white and red mostly and about the size of a foot ball. They were the time machine devices that we needed and I was wondering if we had enough. I then started to talk to a girl and I got the feeling she was responsible, or at least her father, for making the contraptions. I forget exactly what we disagreed about, but it was something to do with the story line of the three days. Then she got fed up and said a really dumb comback insult and I laughed. I was eating candies from my front left pocket at the time, they were green balls. Some other guy saw me and laughed too, I was like Keen from HKIS and he was with a girl. I then started to think that the girl who I argued with liked me, cause why else would she even care so much? She was a little attractive too.

I am walking through a crowded area now and a guy puts something in my pocket. It is a square candy like a salt water taffee with a wrapper. I get the impression that the wrapper has a clue written on it. I also feel like it was Alton Brown who gave it to me. I walk outside and am walking on a dirt road. I see a warehouse to my right. My pocket is now over stuffed and heavy. I pass by someone who is younger and I feel like I am too old to be playing this game. When I pass, I have a McDonalds's logo on the pocket and I cover it so not to show it. Apparently I have some team mates I need to meet up with and share the clue with. I feel like one of them got a clue earlier. I decide I need to read the clue and fish for it in my pocket but there are so many candies. I see a truck and I walk around the front of it. Behind, I see a bunch of cops with guns and some red flood lights. It is day though. I demask myself, apparently I was wearing a mask like the guy in Princess Bride. They are say something like, I't fat _____! (Not fat tony or fat albert, but fat someone, which apparently was my identity).

I was disappointed that the story ended there before it got interesting, but at that point I had forgotten about the entire dream, only that I had a clue candy.
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Re: My Longest Dream Ever!

Postby SGraham » 14 Jun 2012 23:43

HAGART wrote:I use to turn my amp down so nobody could hear my bad playing ],
This is off topic even for off topic disscusion but when you said that i started kracking up! I play bass in jazz band and do the exact same thing !
How do you define real ?
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Re: My Longest Dream Ever!

Postby HAGART » 16 Jun 2012 05:35

Cool. I am not the only one. I just couldn't switch chords fast enough and then if your finger is not on the fret properly it would make that buzzing sound. I'm sure the teacher couldn't care less, but I was my own biggest critic. (I think he knew I was turning the amp down though.....)
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: My Longest Dream Ever!

Postby Worldenterer1 » 16 Jun 2012 20:17

Read the whole thing...

Very cool. 8-)
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Re: My Longest Dream Ever!

Postby Intrepid » 28 Jun 2012 02:08

Read it all. Epic.

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