Dream trying to convince it's not a dream?

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Dream trying to convince it's not a dream?

Postby Vegosiux » 05 Apr 2015 22:43

So tonight I managed to go lucid through a coincidence rather than a reality check, and suddenly I was talking to a few people, and said "Wait, we're still in my dream; I'd have to cross two borders to get here from the place I went to bed at."

And then everyone was trying to convince me that I'm imagining things, and tried to tell me how it all makes perfect sense. The rest of the dream is fragmented again, and the alarm clock kicked me up soon after.

I do wonder, though, anyone else ran into this, and how do you deal with it when it happens? I mean, once I'm aware that I'm dreaming, I wouldn't want my dream to convince me otherwise.

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Re: Dream trying to convince it's not a dream?

Postby RealityCheck » 06 Apr 2015 09:53

Hey there

That happened to me on my first 'accidental' lucid dream, too! It's a normal response you would receive from people in your dreams, and for me, I was excited that I was finally lucid and went around to my friends shouting that I was dreaming. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up and was able to have an argument with one of my friends who told me that lucid dreaming wasn't possible and that there was no proof of it. Another friend told me to shut up haha.

For me, I was already too sure that I was lucid to even be convinced. My lucidity then kind of faded away when I got too caught up with the argument when my friend started asking me other questions like what sleep paralysis was. :| It's just funny to see, so it's really up to you to deal with those people in dreams.

Have an argument? Punch them? Do something crazy in front of them and see their reaction? You can get creative with dreams so there's really no problem.
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Re: Dream trying to convince it's not a dream?

Postby paprika_boss » 06 Apr 2015 13:12

It also happend to me several times, my dream trying to prevent me from becoming lucid,
I never managed to keep the lucidity despite my unconscious's wish. I mean, when I'm dreaming, I'm at his house, he's the one that's got every rights to kick me out.
I understand you might have felt kind of frustrated after that, but I think that sometimes, your unconscious needs to have the dream happening naturally, it doesn't want you to be aware because it needs to be done, simply.
And sometimes your subconscious will let you communicate freely, I've had a lucid dream where as soon as I became lucid, the dream teleported me in a place where I could ask questions about myself.

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