Was this a shared lucid dream?

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Was this a shared lucid dream?

Postby edgydreamer » 07 Apr 2015 17:53

Lately I've been realising I'm lucid in the middle of dreams but when I do I either wake up or forget before I can do anything fun. The weird part is it dosen't really feel like lucidity but then again I haven't had many intense lucid dreams. Also since I'm aware that I'm dreaming and can do things I'm sure it's a lucid dream. Anyway last night I was in my school but it had a Chinese buffet instead of the library. I was walking out of class when I realised I was dreaming and decided to tell my friend who is also into lucidity. Instead of standing still or acting stupid like most DCs she actually acted like she is in real life and when I told her she was dreaming she was like 'OMG thanks!' Then we went our separate ways and I don't remember much but I remember achieving a dream goal and being quite articulate compared to normal dream me. Then I met with the friend and we discussed our dreaming endeavours and then I woke up. Was this a shared dream? She hasn't texted me back but it's on my mind.

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Re: Was this a shared lucid dream?

Postby paprika_boss » 07 Apr 2015 22:37

Hey edgydreamer,

Dreams happens while you're asleep, it's your brain that's sending you images, feelings, etc...
According to Freud (and psychoanalysis in general) they are hidden messages, full of meaning about your personal life, your feelings, you thoughts, your choices.
I don't know if you see where I'm going;
What you are talking about here is telepathy, a metapsychology
Dreams are personal experiences, while you're dreaming, you're all alone, it's just you, and everything that is around you is a part of you.
Other people in real life can not guess your thoughts as you can't guess theirs. Same for dreams.
What happens in your dream, (and as I learned yesterday, in your lucid dreams) is a reflection of the core of your subconscious activity.
Talking to your dream characters is talking to yourself, a part of yourself, or a reflection of what you unconsciously feel or think about that person.
So telling her "you're dreaming", was an odd thing to do here I guess. And the way she reacted was probably the way you'd think she'd react if you could tell her such a thing.
However in real life I think you could still tell her that you had this lucid dream, it's always fun to share.

To have more intense lucid dreams, there is a few things you can do, like :
-rubbing your hands together, and feel the warmth
-spin (not too much or you'll wake up)
-or directly ask your dream to be more intense
-and I guess, a lot of other things, you could do a research on that...

Personnaly I always rub my hands, it's not that effective actually, but it keeps the lucid dream up a bit longer I noticed.

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Re: Was this a shared lucid dream?

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Apr 2015 12:49

Then I met with the friend and we discussed our dreaming endeavours and then I woke up. Was this a shared dream? She hasn't texted me back but it's on my mind.

Dream sharing seems quite rare I though once shared a dream with my eldest daughter (I think that may be related to a telepathic connection when a person gets something like that.. a mind union).

I strongly suggest next time you think you may of dream shared, to immediately contact the other and ask them if they just have had a dream with you in it and if so could they share the dream with you. I suggest do that as many people do not remember their dreams and you just asking "did you dream about me?" could trigger off a dream memory for that person IF you were fortunate enough to have a dream sharing experience.

If it was a true dream sharing, you would find you both experienced the same dream eg same location etc etc but from your different prospectives. With the dream share my daughter and I had, we both woke up at exactly the same moment from the same dream (daughter saying she'd just had a nightmare and then sharing it.. and the dream tallying exactly with mine from the strangers in it, to what was happening etc and what I'd experienced happening to her.. all made me aware we'd just dream shared).

We often dream about others (so no this wouldn't be a dream share unless the other had same dream).
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