Dream Assassination?

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Dream Assassination?

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Apr 2015 17:37

I fell asleep (I wasn't really trying to WILD as I was too tired though I thought of it when going to sleep) and suddenly become lucid. I'm standing outside somewhere. (I don't know if I've got into a lucid dream or an OBE.. I had no strong feeling which it is).

Everything is very dark except a small patch of light in front of me just off a bit to a side. There is someone here with me, I've no idea what or who it is in the dark but when the being moves I see a hand and arm go across where the light is a bit and from that can the arm/hand looks human.

I decide seeing this is feeling a bit like one of my OBEs to try to check out the one here rather then do the LD tasks. I watch the patch of light and when the hand/arm moves into the light again and stays there a bit, I can see the person is probably a male from the hand.

I ask the person to move into the light so I can see him more, he obliges and starts to move around with the light on various parts of him so I can see him better (the patch of light was only about the size of both my hands so I so it was quite hard to see).

The guy had a lot of tattoos, I study these working hard to try to get them into my brain so I'll remember them when I wake up. His chest and his arms (and maybe other body parts) had tattoos.

The tattoos on his chest (whole chest covered) had there something written in what looked like latin so I asked him what this said. His reply was "Dreams can assassinate" or maybe it was "Dreams can be used to assassinate" . Within the chest tattoos was also a skull (not a big one).

He was also wearing a necklace with had a possible symbol hanging from it.. the symbol was like a very wide squashed H (or maybe that had no importance and was purely decorative on the necklace?).

He had brown hair I think and a good looking face but I felt like he was a shape shifter as several times his face altered a little eg became a little longer, like it wasn't stable so I thought that maybe the form he was showing wasn't his true human form after all? Maybe this was a false identity?

I asked him his name and he told me but I didn't hear it well (possibly due to him talking in strong foreign accent or maybe he was just not clear),it sounded like a name I wasn't familiar with. I think the name started with a "R" (it may of been something like Roach or Rotch but maybe nothing like that either).

I try again, asking his name again..... but at that point wake up.

I think it was a LD on further thought. This DC was interesting and I hope to meet him again some time though he was looking like one tough dude. For some reason though I don't seem to get reoccurring DCs (unless they are people I know in real life).
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