I want to be a werewolf

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I want to be a werewolf

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Apr 2015 12:16

I posted this LD from last night in my journal at another website but thought some here may like to read it (and I thought it also helps get rid of that misconception out there I'm sick of hearing that it takes a while before one can get into a LD from a wake state)

This LD was about 20-25 mins long.

Went to bed intending to trigger a WILD so I get into my new WILD position and try to go to sleep (I have had to change positions as now days I start snoring and wake myself up right away if laying on back) . I decide to do exactly what I did the other day when I ended up with the chain of 3 LDs. My intent, an effortless LD on falling asleep.

This works, within 10 mins I find myself suddenly in a LD.. I'm in darkish shop (I forget the first 5-10mins of the LD though I certainly was lucid.

I decide to stop looking around and start to think about what task I should do as I want the early bird points I start thinking of our latest tasks. I firstly think about the flying over mountains but seeing I'm the middle of the city, I decide one of the other tasks may be easier.

I decide to try to do the turn into a werewolf thing but before I start the challenge due to too many recent LD dropouts on entry, I decide best stabilise myself first, I'll be pissed off if I loose this lucid before I get to try to do anything. I choose to on this occassion to just rub my hands together briskly while thinking .. I'm in a lucid dream... feel my hands, I spend a couple of minutes doing this (usually I use more complex stabilisation techniques but I'm in a hurry to get on with the LD challenge tasks!).

I go out seeking a werewolf to bite me to change me. Having had the fly over a mountain thing in my mind I decide to fly to search the ground below for one (wow... I'm usually crap at flying and usually scared of this as I've crashed and it hurt before but this time I wasn't over thinking things and just easily flew).

I'm flying over parks. To my amazement there are colourful little dragons flying about too. (I'm amazed to see this as generally my LDs are much like real life unless I bring something strange there and I cant ever remember having a dragon in my dream before).

I fly for about 5 mins but are only spotting dragons and people so I decide to land and do an on foot ground search for a werewolf. I look in a couple of well lighted places but no werewolves to be found so I start to think of what dream symbolism may go with creepy things like werewolves and decide .. well probably dark. So I start looking in dark places for one.

I enter into a creepy dark shed purposely holding the thought, there is going to be a werewolf there! (trying to manifest one). The smell of moldy hay hits my nose as I enter the shed, its so dirty in this place, it's discusting and hence I start to seriously worry about "I'd better be in a dream right now or otherwise I'm right now walking around in a dark place filled with rats, spiders and goodness knows what!".

It's so real like, the reality of the smell of the molding hay and this place, I'm starting to not be sure if Im dreaming or not but force myself to continue as there is no way I'm going to chicken out and try to wake myself up to make sure I'm in a dream and loose my chance for more points. "Oh well if this isnt a dream, what's a few rats going to do to me I think, though I'm scared of those, lets be realistic about this, what's worst for me.. risking this may be real or loosing my LD?." I decide to loose my LD would be worst I think to myself

I decide this starting to doubt my LD is bad and will end up likely causing me to loose my lucid dream consciousness if I allow these dream doubt thoughts to continue, so I decide to slam the doubt away by focusing intently on the lucid dream task. I put all my thought into "This is a lucid dream, Is there a werewolf here?" I think to myself. I manage to convince myself with this that I'm certainly still in a dream.

There is movement and there is something in this dark shed with me. I think at first its a person but then when it speaks due to its voice, I start thinking it is maybe a werewolf? I don't know but it then starts talking about werewolves. He's wanting to give me a lesson on them. I get excited "Oh great, he'll teach me how to change into one", (I wasn't feeling like I could just change without help). ..

So he (the werewolf?) starts to give the werewolf lecture "I'm here to teach you about ................ the werewolves finger"

"OHHHHHHHH NO!.. this isn't the lesson I want". At this a huge wave of disappointment hits me and I drop out of this dream.


Now that I've had more time to think about this LD I wonder if that werewolf?? was going to teach me how to use a magic finger to turn myself into a werewolf but I jumped to the conclusion when the DC said something so weird that he wasn't going to help my achieve my dream goal of changing into one.

I also learnt something from this dream. I think this dream had dragons in it cause of my goal of wanting to change into a werewolf ie a not of this world creature.. so this dream was a not of this world one and hence had other mythical creatures for me to experience in it. (excited I now know how to cause a mythical world dream easily).
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