Reality checking.

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Reality checking.

Postby random941028 » 12 Apr 2015 22:28

I reality check frequently throughout the day. I try reality check every hour, more if I can. I am curious as to how people truly question reality. Does anyone use a particular method or do you simply focus intently on your surroundings and ask yourself if you're dreaming? Personally, being in an unfamiliar environment/situation helps me question reality more effectively. Does anyone understand what I mean? How long do you reality check for? Is it a case of the longer you check, the better? Also, I'd appreciate anyone sharing their reality checking method(s) with me!

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Re: Reality checking.

Postby WannabeDreamer » 13 Apr 2015 01:56

I am no master because I haven't had a LD. I can still help because I've study LD. I'm not 100% sure about RC but you need to realize there is a possibility of this being a dream. Look around you and see if there is anything strange. Think if you can do anything you normally can't do. If you're at an unfamiliar place, think to yourself, "How did I get here? " Even if you know how you got there, look and see if anything impossible is happening. Now do reality checks to prove you are or are not dreaming. Just count your fingers, try to push a finger through your palm, or read a text twice. You need to do RC enough so you might do it in your dream and realize your dreaming. But don't try to hard. It is recommended to do RC Around 10 times per day, about 12-15. One every hour is good. The type of RC you do doesn't matter. I like to push my finger through my palm. Maybe do multiple RC each time to be 100% sure you're dreaming or not. I dont think checking really long matters. You just need to convince yourself of the possibility it's a dream then prove its not. You need to do the RC until you have reach a conclusion. If you just push your finger through your palm and think "Am I dreaming?" and it takes a second, than your doing it wrong, because it means you didn't believe at all it might be a dream. It can take seconds if you believe the possibility. Doing it longer either mean you still don't know if you're dreaming or not, which is fine, or you know you're not dreaming but hope it increases your chance. I haven't LD but been doing what helps, but I just look around and think, really think, if this is strange at all. Then prove to myself it is. The key isn't just do it. The key is believing the possibility your dreaming. So believe it then do it until you know you're not or you are. I'm a beginner but this is what I try to do. If what I'm saying is wrong, please someone say something to help us both. Remember, RC mean checking your reality and you need to actually question it.

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Re: Reality checking.

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Apr 2015 12:33

WannabeDreamer wrote: Now do reality checks to prove you are or are not dreaming.

No don't do reality checks to "prove you are not dreaming" as if you are holding the thought in your mind that you aren't dreaming and setting out to prove that, you are likely to get a failed reality check! . Always do reality checks to try to prove you are dreaming. I hope you can understand the difference, it's a mistake some make and then have their reality check go wrong. Don't hold in mind.. "are I in a dream or not?" Hold in mind, "I are in a dream".. while reality checking to give the check the best chance of working well.

The rest of your post was good advice.

do you simply focus intently on your surroundings and ask yourself if you're dreaming

That's always good, awareness exercises always are good to possibly pick up when you are dreaming and can help one spontaneously pay more attention to the environment which can lead to spontaneously suddenly realizing when a person is in a dream. (many people do spontaneously realise and this where awareness exercises do help).

I suggest to also add one of the common reality checks to this where you actually test out reality in some way (any of the commonly used methods are good to try), while holding the thought that you could be in a dream so expect strangeness.

Is it a case of the longer you check, the better?

When doing something to test out reality, it shouldn't take too long, you just need to do it intently. I suggest to keep looking for a few seconds for each kind of test you do to see if anything shifts.

If you see something not right, believe it and don't allow yourself to start doubting its a dream eg some get a sure abnormal reality test result but then go and redo it (only to have it then fail as they doubted). Use reality checks in which you can be sure you are in a dream with the results eg if you count 6 fingers on your hand, you shouldn't be doubting and shouldn't need to recheck to confirm you have 6 fingers. Tell yourself "I AM in a dream".

Also, I'd appreciate anyone sharing their reality checking method(s) with me!

When I need to reality check, my preferred way is to look at my hand (that also works as a good stabilization technique as well).
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