My dreams

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My dreams

Postby damyanix » 13 Apr 2015 00:27

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm new here but that is another topic. Let's get straight into buisiness. So this may be a bit different post, but I think it will still cover the topic. Here are my dreams, I usualy dream that I chase/stalk my crush, dream of just wandering the streets in a lonely sunny day, dream that I am in places that look familiar with people I know (e.g. I'm in a city that I've never been to, with a classmate that hates me in RL but we are friends in the dream, kind of like an alternative universe), dream of abaondoned train stations (probably because I live next to a train station) and generally whenever I dream I feel that I'm in an alternatibe universe. I almost always get dreams where nothing strange happens.

My dreams usualy take place in a city or a rural area. I'm usualy in different relations to the people in the dream. How can you guys interpret those dreams of mine. I always wondered if I actualy somehow go in an alternative universe through my dreams. And I also think they are just too "real life" to be like other people's dreams...
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Re: My dreams

Postby meaningofdreams » 10 Jul 2015 05:31

Yes, of course you are in an alternative universe! The universe of your mind, created by yourself and populated by the creations of your mind. Our minds are amazing, and you are lucky to be able to remember your dreams frequently: most people don't.

In my opinion, only you can interpret your dreams, and understand the meaning of your dreams, because they are made by yourself, as I say:

There does not seem to have anything unusual about your dreams, and you should not have any difficulties interpreting them. Dreaming that you chase your crush, for example: you think a lot about this person, you like this person, so you dream about her. And since you don't have in real life, you usually dream of chasing her. You should make a move in real life and watch how your dream changes. You are friends with your classmate that hates you in your real life, maybe because that's how you would like it to be: you are unsatisfied of this enmity, you would like to be different, so you dream about this.

You can start practicing lucid dreaming and see if you can do amazing-not-possible things in your dreams. It would be interesting to see if you are capable of breaking the reality feel by doing impossible things.
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