need help controlling dream body

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need help controlling dream body

Postby Udregelig » 13 Apr 2015 17:54

Ive been having a break on lucid dreaming for many months Now, because of the fear i have, but 5 days ago i gave it another try, and to day Ive had 2 successful wilds, so Here it goes:
right before i start to fall asleep i feel myself drift away, and i started rolling around in bed, both times, i Did not controll this rolling, but i let it happen, rolling back and forth and i automaticcly stop at the end of the bed, i opened my eyes, i was still in bed, body is really heavy, but i managed to perform a reality check, blowing my nose. I was lucid before reality check, I just did a test. It worked . I forced myself awake both times because my body was so heavy, and I still fear this lucid dreaming, can anyone Please tell me how to fix this heavy dream body ? And I do not know what my fear is, I just think its because this LDing is so real and New too me !

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Re: need help controlling dream body

Postby Highlander » 13 Apr 2015 21:38

It's normal to have this heavy-body feel and the feeling that your body is hard to move. You don't have to be afraid and you just have to be calm because, that feeling will go away as soon as you enter in a full dream.
When you feel that heavy-body feeling, don't force to be awake. Just stay there still for a moment. You'll see that your body will become light and you'll begin to see your dream take form.

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Re: need help controlling dream body

Postby paprika_boss » 14 Apr 2015 17:23

Yeah I think that when you're not in a very deep sleep, your dream body will experience the paralysis you experience in real life..
I remember one time, I had a lucid dream, and then I started feeling very heavy and struggling to move my hands, then I woke up in sleep paralysis...
You probably have to wait to get in a deeper sleep or ask your dream to be more intense..

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Re: need help controlling dream body

Postby papamidnight32 » 17 Apr 2015 04:16

Hi! I'm Jayden and I'm 15. I have been LD for a couple years now an I've practiced enough to be able to do it every night. I think my favorite thing to do is fly! Sometimes in my dreams I can't fly. I can't only jump high and far. Like have you ever watched the hulk movies? That's what I mean.. I wanted to know if anyone can help me gain more control because sometimes when I'm in my dream I can't control my direction of where I'm goin but I'm still aware of everything. I also want to know does anyone go to sleep and while your laying there it very much feels like people are touching you? Like all over your body? I always dream that someone Is like stroking my head as if they were letting me know it's okay, but I've also had a dream about a women that was on top of me in bed and she was tucking me in and I'm jus sitting there going crazy yelling at her and she stops what she's doin and it's is if she starts biting my face!? Crazy shizz.

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