Different Lucid Entry Technique

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Different Lucid Entry Technique

Postby Zach » 14 Apr 2015 01:40

I was just thinking... When you perform WILD, you actually wake yourself up at night which lessens the amount of sleep you get. There are some apps or phones out there that let you create and record your voice to let you make your own ringtone/alarm sound. The original alarm was meant for obnoxious sounds to jerk you awake, but the sound of a person's own voice gently telling them they're at the point of REM might not wake them up. Perhaps when the alarm goes off, you'll hear it while dreaming and become lucid. It was just a thought and I wanted to hear others opinion about it. Thanks :)

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Re: Different Lucid Entry Technique

Postby KethSuzane » 14 Apr 2015 14:51

Lucid dreams will be dreams in which the visionary understands they are envisioning. Being cognizant in a fantasy can be an elating background and can appear to be as genuine as you feel at this time while perusing this entrance. I have had several clear dreams throughout my life keeping in mind they may appear to be very supernatural and profound, and may well be both, I discover them to be characteristic.
Real life inception technique induces lucid dreams. According to the research it is found that: Controlled, conscious or lucid dreams are the part of ritual.
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Re: Different Lucid Entry Technique

Postby Fira » 26 May 2015 02:05

They have stuff like this. Like, sleep masks that tell when you're at REM sleep and flash lights at your closed eyes so that you see them while you're dreaming and be able to become lucid from them.

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