Was this a lucid dream?

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Was this a lucid dream?

Postby Juturna » 15 Apr 2015 00:35

Hey there--I'm very new to this, so I have a few questions. I have been curious about lucid dreaming for a while, and I thought it might help me because I have been dealing with high anxiety levels since starting college two years ago. I started a dream journal last week and have been performing reality checks throughout the day (looking at my hands) but I have not been doing it to the extent where I feel like I am trying too hard, just when I happen to think about it. Last night I think I had a lucid dream, but since I have only been doing this a short time I'm not sure if it really was lucid.

In the dream, it was dark and I was in my bed, as if I had not yet fallen asleep. It was dark--but I still felt like the room had more depth and dimension than my normal dreams do, if that makes sense. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a giant flock of birds chirping outside. This alarmed me, but I found that I could only move around in my bed and not get out of it. I have experienced sleep paralysis in the past, and have been terrified by it each time, so I think this contributed to me feeling unable to get out of bed. I heard my sister shouting from outside my door that there was a bird's nest outside, and the baby birds were chirping because their mother had died. She said she was going outside to move the nest and stop the noise, and I heard the front door shut as she left. My mom came into my room and I asked her what happened. As I was talking, my words were very clear and I felt like I was consciously saying them. My mom told me it was just birds, and I could see her silhouette moving around my room. I then grabbed my phone from the shelf on my bed frame, where I always keep it in real life, and shone the light at her. I caught a bright glimpse of her face and then she left. I then got the idea to shine the light on my hand. My hand seemed to sparkle under the light and I could only see little patches of my skin, as though the light couldn't capture my whole hand. At this point I think I began to realize that I was dreaming, but I woke up almost immediately after seeing my hand.

I realize this dream isn't very interesting in substance, but I noticed it because it was much more vivid than any typical dream that I can remember or have recorded so far. Would this dream qualify as lucid? Or if not, did it still have the potential to become lucid since I realized I was dreaming right before waking up?

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Re: Was this a lucid dream?

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Apr 2015 11:37

At this point I think I began to realize that I was dreaming, but I woke up almost immediately after seeing my hand.

Lucid dreaming is when a person is aware they are dreaming so this dream didn't become a lucid dream until right at the very end but you woke up (dropped out with that awareness). It sounds like you may of been lucid dreaming for only seconds (if you had time to look at your hand AFTER you were aware you were dreaming).

If you aren't doing WILD in which a person needs to relax properly when making the attempt, its hard to try too hard (unless you are doing reality checks a crazy number times during the day to the point where they aren't done well)...
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Re: Was this a lucid dream?

Postby Yanshuf » 15 Apr 2015 20:54

well we could call it an LD' but you realized that you're dreaming in the last moment.
So its kinda not an LD'
But keep practicing.
That's already a success.

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