Thank you, and hello!

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Thank you, and hello!

Postby Davargo » 09 Jun 2012 03:14

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for this site and all of its information!
I found your site today while researching something that has been happening to me more and more frequently, and I would like to tell you all my story and express my appreciation.

Over the past few months I have been experiencing a phenomenon that at first I ignored, but finally I sought some answers to. There have been four instances now, that when attempting to relax and take a short nap or sleep that I:
- Hear a hissing noise on the right side of my head (two times and very short), causing slight alarm
and finally I drift off to sleep
- Hear a blood-curdling scream right next to me as I drift to sleep (very frightening, my wife told me
she didn't hear anything). I didn't sleep that night at all.
- Hear a LOUD popping noise (again two times), followed by sleep
- Hear someone talking when there is no one there (very realistic), followed by beautiful music (that of
course I can't recall) before drifting to sleep

While doing some research, I've realised that I am experiencing Exploding Head Syndrome. My research also brought me here to one of your posts regarding this syndrome and lucid dreaming. I now realise (especially the last time it happened) that I vividly recall these dreams following the EHS, particularly that I could somewhat control the outcome of these dreams. I guess I never realised that I was beginning to lucid dream, and that the EHS was a sort of jolt to the noggin that I was awake yet asleep! I had very little knowledge of lucid dreaming before coming here, thinking that it was just an idea, and not obtainable.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work here, and I really look forward training my mind to do this more often (even with the EHS, I'm beginning to not be startled by it). I love the idea that we can explore more into our own minds to create and experience fantastic things. I know I have quite a lot to learn, and a large amount of information to digest. I look forward to sharing my experiences and challenges with all of you.

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