I am ANI , I had lucid dreams since I was 12 I think:)

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I am ANI , I had lucid dreams since I was 12 I think:)

Postby aniwa1234 » 16 Apr 2015 15:07

Hi everyone, people call me ani ( as in un-nee)...I am from Borneo Island which is part of Malaysia.
I had lucid dreams since I was a teenager, I remember clearly until now when I was 12 yrs old that I could controlled myself from kissing a boy in my dream as I felt it was not right thing to do at that age , however I also remember how it felt like in my mums womb and i remember seeing the darkness in here womb when I was still in here tummy, I also remember when I was a baby , seeing my mum put some traditional medication on me and at that time I was thinking to myself..." what was she doing?"...i was maybe around 3 months not more, I still remember I was tinklish when she put the medication on my stomach...I had my latest lucid dreams 2 days ago, in my dream....i said to myself that i had dreamt this place before too...so i created something so that it looked similar to my previous dreams that i like...i like to dream of big mansions and houses that have lots of beautiful rooms...which i hope one day in real life i will achieve to own them:)....and when i had nightmares i always knew it was a dream and not real and i always wake myself up to escape from it.....i thought what i had experienced was normal but when i asked my friends, they never had what i had in my dreams...thats when i told my 14 yr old daughter...and she told me i am a lucid dreamer and thats how i found this site thru google:).....

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Re: I am ANI , I had lucid dreams since I was 12 I think:)

Postby Fira » 26 May 2015 01:12

Wow. Sounds like you've got a great memory. Keep on lucid dreaming! :)

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