Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

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Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

Postby Mountainspirit » 17 Apr 2015 11:44

Hello, I heard of lucid dreams more than six months ago, and I have been trying to have some for at least four months.
I do at least 10 reality check a day ! I have a dream journal and remember my dreams very well (I almost need 20min each morning just to write down all the details.). I tried wilds, it didn't work, I try the wake-back to bed technique almost every night. I repeat to myself every night that I will have a lucid dream, in my head and out loud.
I don't know what to do...
Please help me. :cry:

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Re: Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 Apr 2015 18:01

When you tried to WILD what happened? and how exactly did you try it.

When you tried to WILD did you use a different sleeping positon then your normal one? (If you used your normal one it will help signal your body to go to sleep as you normally do.. it can often be better to use a different position).

Another thing you can do which works well for some who WILD doesn't work for, is to add in extra day awareness eg try to be more aware of your whole life as you go about your day.. eg every time you walk into a room really pay attention to the things you see etc. (this extra awareness hopefully will come into a dream and help you become more aware that you are in one).

Your reality checks.. which are you doing?
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Re: Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

Postby somfar » 20 Apr 2015 04:46

Sometimes the harder you push the more resistance you find is pushing back against you. For me it only took a friend mentioning the term ....lucid dream that awoke my mind to the point where I actually had my first that I could remember......what a trip. They are real......and very fun, my suggestion is stop trying to force it and it will happen on it's own and when it does you will be frikn amazed and awed. Once you have the experience you will be forever changed. Again.....trying to force the experience will only inhibit your goal, now that you are aware lucid dreams are possible give your mind the chance to prove it. Be informed but do not overload your mind with to much information at first.....ease into the experience. Hope to hear back about your first encounter. Peace

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Re: Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

Postby Mountainspirit » 06 May 2015 11:53

I tried WILD by lying on my back and being completely still. I usually sleep on my side.
But since WILD seems difficult even for people who often have MILD I don't really worry about it.
I usually examine my hands and ask myself out loud "Is this a dream ? Am I dreaming?". And try to put my fingers through the other palm.
Now I'm kind of despaired, and stopped doing reality checks, and quit dream journaling.
Maybe if I "let it rest" a little it will come naturally...
I try to be more aware of things. But I'm really disappointed because when I talked about it with my girlfriend she told me she has some lucid dreams but she's not even trying. And I try so hard but nothing will do...
Should I pay for a program, please tell me what should I do... :|

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Re: Help !!! I Can't have a lucid dream! :(

Postby RealityCheck » 06 May 2015 12:11

It took me a long time for my first lucid dream to happen, too, but my problem was that I didn't have determination. I kind of lost hope of it ever happening and stopped paying attention to reality checks or keeping dream journals, but one day, I had a sudden DILD and became very excited. I went around telling my friends it was a dream (while dreaming) and their reactions were priceless, so from then on, I got back on track, and I began having lucid dreams without even trying every few weeks or months.

There's really no need to take extra programs seeing how deeply into it you are. I would just be patient and keep it consistent. Don't try to have a LD forcefully but relax a little about it. Some people are natural with LD and can have it on their first try while others may take months or even a year to get their first LD. It took me a real long time too, so I wouldn't worry about it. Try attempting WBTB or FILD or other easier methods once in a while instead of over-doing it. ;)
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