Dream herbs

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Dream herbs

Postby somfar » 19 Apr 2015 23:45

Since starting this journey on the road to lucid dreaming have recently heard about certain dream herbs that are supposed to help aid in the process. Has anyone else here tried any of these with any success ? if so which ones and how did you take it ? I have been looking at CALEA ZACATECHICHI and have actuall purchased some just want to know others experiences with it and success or failure.


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Re: Dream herbs

Postby DataTunnel » 22 Apr 2015 05:49

I would advise against using herbs/supplements to lucid dream. In my opinion, you probably don't need it.

I've never tried any chemical/herb/substance/whatever to lucid dream, so I can't speak from experience. However, I think it would be more beneficial for a beginner such as yourself to learn lucid dreaming without the help of anything like this. It will save you money and you'll turn out better at lucid dreaming if you just learn to do it on your own.

Plus, a lot of these "fast track" type products are scams. And even if the product actually helps with lucid dreaming, you are now relying on an external substance for something you could've done yourself, for free!

I've never used anything but good ol' fashioned lucid dreaming techniques, and I've had plenty of lucid dreams over the years.

Lucid dreaming takes tons of dedication for most people, but I promise that YOU CAN LUCID DREAM WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY CHEMICAL. It will mean a lot of practice, but it's the very act of practicing lucid dreaming that gets you better at it, in more than one way. It's not just the techniques you practice, it's also the fact that you're practicing it in general. By practicing techniques and doing research, you are showing your mind that you want to lucid dream and that it's important to you.

If you think you need the help of these substances to lucid dream, then go for it. But I'm telling you, you most likely don't need them at all. The only thing you need to lucid dream is YOU.

Other things you can do to get better at lucid dreaming:
-Research some LD techniques and practice one or two (WILD, MILD, FILD, DILD, WBTB and others)
-Try some form of meditation
-Keep a dream diary where you write your dreams down (THIS IS CRUCIAL)
-Research "reality checks" and try some of those
-Put as much lucid dreaming related information into your head as possible

Hope this helped, and good luck! :mrgreen:

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Re: Dream herbs

Postby AMWeis » 26 Aug 2015 19:00

Hey there,

Id like to also say that using dream herbs aren't necessarily IMO the fast track to lucid dreaming. They may help a little if your a beginner and don't know where to start.

They are great as a kick start for you to develop your own innate skills.

These herbs can help you understand yourself more through your practices in varying ways. Its a combination of plant spirit shamanism meets modern lucid dreaming techniques.

If you don't do the work to develop your dreamworld then these herbs wont do as much as they are capable of.

So as tools for your further education I see no problem with using them. They aren't crutches or short cuts they are just there to teach you new ways of experiencing your dreams and help you along your way.

You begin to develop relationships with the way the herbs effect/communicate with you withing your dream world, not to mention a lot of them are use for relaxation, concentration and much more. Pretty neat if you ask me!

Have a wonderful day!
Aaron Weis CH
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Re: Dream herbs

Postby Lonely Tear » 02 Sep 2015 23:19

Hello, Tear here

I have never tried using drugs or any kind of aditive to help me get into lucid dreaming.
i did spent a while year learning about it, working on daily routines and focusing while sleeping.
and it paid off, im happier then ever.

Id advice not to use anything of such, im sure that if someone like me can learn how to lucid dream. so can the rest of the world. all you need is a Diary and penitentce
Place that reminds me who i am, what i love...
place with all my hopes and all my fears...
place with all my friends, where i share my tears...
and all i need to do to reach it.. is.. Dream

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