Unable to pull from strong vibarations

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Unable to pull from strong vibarations

Postby ezzolucid » 20 Apr 2015 11:05

Hi, last night on 3 separate occasions, i felt incredibly strong vibrations and felt floating and that i was being pulled from my body. I was aware throughout and knew this was close to a lucid dream so i tried to pull myself out of my body onto a lucid dream but nothing happened after and i just slept

It was really frustrating as this has now happened 6 times, I get the strong vibrations, the whole floating thing and then nothing, i feel like I am missing out when so close. each time i remain calm and conscious but i just dont know how to transition into the dream, can anyone help??? :-(

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Re: Unable to pull from strong vibarations

Postby Spnlawz » 17 May 2015 05:20

What you had experience Is called sleep paralysis, it is a very natural phenomenon during your normal sleep cycle. Sleep paralysis happens every night so you don't act out your dream, the problem your having is with the transition... When you are in sleep paralysis, remember to stay calm and let everything just flow. You might notice strange colors floating around and maybe even an image forming. When you are feeling the vibrations, don't force anything to happen.. Just tell yourself "I'm lucid dreaming".. This is often called the MILD technique, (mnemonic induced lucid dreaming). This will not only send a message to your Brain but it can also help you calm down much faster. If you are completely calm and you see the different spots of colors, pay attention to them and it can possibly lead to a "false awakening", if you find yourself in your bedroom awake, question your surroundings and do a couple of reality checks... Pinch your nose and try to breathe, if you can breathe though your nose, then you are still dreaming. if you look at your fingers and they seem different , maybe you have one less finger, or you have one extra finger or its so blurry, you can't tell, then you are dreaming .. Congratulations, you should be lucid and ready to start your adventure. On the other hand, if you don't see the lights and instead you see a blurry image, don't do anything.. Just let it form, after it has formed.. You should be lucid already. Lastly, if nothing is forming, no lights or images... Create your own scene, where you can easily be ball to do a reality check, picture it vividly enough and you will have a normal dream where you can be aware enough to perform several checks, if you are successful.. You should be aware that you are dreaming and become lucid. Hope I helped

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Re: Unable to pull from strong vibarations

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 May 2015 15:49

The experience of sleep paralyses is usually said to be occurring with the person tries to move but cant.. so this experience isn't what is usually refered to as being that

I've heard some recommend to intensify the vibrations so they end up throwing you out into a dream.
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