What is my body/brain doing?

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What is my body/brain doing?

Postby BoastfulGhost » 28 Apr 2015 02:05

This has happened before, but I never really thought about it. I'm really confused and a little frightened. Now I'm really sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area or if there's a better place to post this, then referring me there would be nice. However, I did just experience this and I did just make this account to understand what is happening to my body.

I'm interested and curious about these unusual body events, but whenever they happen I become very afraid.

I've been able to lucid dream since I was very young. I never knew when they would happen, however when they did I would be really excited. Growing up my lucid dreams would be very short because I would often wake myself up on accident before I could really enjoy them. Now whenever I lucid dream I can stay in them for the entire night.

Whatever is happening to me now, is really different.

I like to listen to creepy pastas when I'm falling asleep. Usually I just focus on the story and eventually I'm asleep. I was listening to a really long story with my eyes closed and started to think about random things and generally stopped focusing on the story, which is usually a good sign I'm about to fall asleep. After that my body began to vibrate extremely quickly for a few moments. My entire body, not just a section. But I didn't think much about it because I was almost asleep. After that I was in a lucid dream. I could tell I was dreaming but I've never been in a lucid dream like this before. I was in my own bed, just like I was when I was awake. Except a laptop was in front of me and I could also hear my laptop in real life playing the creepy pasta I was listening too. So I pulled the laptop in front of me, I took this as an opportunity to ask my subconscious or perhaps something else burning questions. I went to google and tried typing in things like, "What is God." "What is the Universe." Or "Are we alone in the universe?" but each and every time I would type, no matter how hard I tried, They would always end up on the screen as jumbled up letters. I would even watch my hands type the words in correctly, except later find more jargon on the screen. Anyways eventually I gave up and closed google. Then just for something to do I started rummaging around on the computer to see what was on it. I clicked on pictures and a lot of pictures popped up. I clicked on one and it was a picture of the top of my bed at night time. The picture was dark but it was obviously my bed. Then there was a boy that looked like me in the middle of the picture. He had no eyes, just large black holes where his eyes should be. And then he smiled at me and was making evil looks at me. I quickly tried to throw my body around to wake up, but it was stuck. So I wiggled my fingers and my toes until eventually I could wiggle my hands and my feet to my arms and my legs until I was awake.

After I was awake, I was still extremely tired so I closed my eyes, focused on the creepy pasta and immediately I felt the same vibration. This time I was a little more scared but thought I would be thrown into another lucid dream so I avoided thoughts about laptops and focused on being in a peaceful garden. A whole bunch of places and thoughts collided together extremely quickly until eventually all I saw in my mind was black. I wasn't thinking or doing anything, just sleeping. I could hear something in my brain that kind of sounded like a bag of chips crinkling loudly. I was taken back, but was tired and wanted to sleep. After listening to it for about a minute, I was really freaked out and wiggled my fingers, then my hand, then my arms until eventually I was awake. I opened my eyes and everything was very blurry. I rolled around and paused the creepy pasta and found this website to ask questions about it.

What did I just experience? It was extremely scary and no matter what I search I can't find anything about the body vibrations. Everyone else says it's just parts of their body and their talking about OBEs I don't want out of body experiences, I'm terrified of that.

I'm sorry for the length I'm just extremely concerned. This isn't the first time this has happened, except it is the first time I thought to ask about it.

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Re: What is my body/brain doing?

Postby jimmyjames » 28 Apr 2015 07:28

What you've experienced is called a WILD - a wake induced lucid dream. It occurs when your brain stays aware while you pass into the dream state. There's a lot to find on the internet if you look up "WIld lucid dreaming" :)

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Re: What is my body/brain doing?

Postby taniaaust1 » 28 Apr 2015 11:18

Vibrations are common just before OBEs but they can be part of hypnagogia too when one is in between the sleep and the wake state. They aren't something to be concerned over. Many people who do OBEs or WILDs experience them.
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Re: What is my body/brain doing?

Postby Snaggle » 28 Apr 2015 13:45

When one falls asleep normally one goes through phases: hygnagogic images; Non-Rem Dreams; then Rem Muscle Atonia kicks in followed by Rem Dreams.

You fell directly into REM Dreams. The suddenness of that fall caused you to experience Rem Muscle Atonia as dream images. The vibrations were inspired by your body releasing two chemicals in your brain which flow down your nervous system. I've been fully awake trying to WILD and experienced REM Muscle Atonia. The release of the chemicals starts at the base of the brain and feels like a pleasant electrical charge and pulses rather than flows continuously. I could fell it travelling down every individual nerve. The "crackling noises" you heard were also dream sounds caused by the vibrations of the hammer and stirrup bones in your ears (which happens during Rem Sleep only). Not being able to move is also a dream effect, you were in a type of dream state called Sleep Paralysis.

Being both in contact with the real world and the dream world is very common in WILDS; but sometimes the "real world" is also a dream running at the same time as the Lucid dream.

The vibrations and SP have only a slight relationship to OBE. Assuming that OBE happening after the onset of SP are just another type of dream - one has nothing to worry about if one has one connected to them. The idea that OBE and these vibrations are joined at the hip is just a an Occidental idea in the Orient one can doing dreaming OBE without the vibrations or OBE while awake. The awake ones are suppose to be real projections of separate Energy Bodies.
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