My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 30 Apr 2015 10:56

Chapter -3

My first out of body experience

It was an evening in the month of Sept-Oct, 1956. The place was Durgapur of West Bengal
state in India. I was at that time a 14 years boy studying in class-x. I was on the portico of our Quarter. Suddenly my eyes became closed, I fell into a trance and gradually lost my body sense. It seemed to me that my soul coming out my body was approaching towards infinite galaxy. Everything including earth, stars etc were out of my mind and reached a void zone. All on a sudden I got back my sense but could not fathom what it was.

After long 20 years passing through innumerable realizations, I realized that I had a jada Samadhi at that time. In such a state the seer stands at the junction of death and life. Anybody at this state generally crosses the door of life and enters death world. But if he has the blessings of God he returns which happens in my case.

Later on I came to know that this was the initiation of my divine life which flourished by the achievement of God-the-Preceptor who always guided and taught me throughout my life in the spiritual world.
After coming in contact with Diamond my divine dreams started since 1959.

Appearance of Sri Ramkrishna in dream and vision of my previous birth

1) In my first dream in mid 1959 Sri Ramkrishna Deva appeared and seen sitting on a cot in a hut. The dream then went off. I woke up, slept and dreamt that Sri Ramkrishna was lying on a floor being attacked by cancer( In reality it happened). The house was a two storied and seemed to be unknown. Sri Ramkrishna was giving his blessings on numerous devotees and then turned towards me as if with an intention that whatever I would want he was going to give it. But I wanted nothing and kept silent. All on a sudden I saw the Holy goddess Kali at the door in place of Sri Ramkrishna and then again was transformed into Sri Ramkrishna. I narrated this dream to Diamond and he interpreted that It showed my previous birth.

However, the striking feature was that, in the year 1966, when I was posted in Govt service, I had to go to Kashipur Udyanbati(garden house where Sri Ramkrishna was staying being attacked by cancer and here he showered his blessings on all devotees) for some advisory work on agriculture. Being there, I got surprised after seeing the house. The same house with same doors and windows he saw in my dream in 1959.

After long years I realized that as the whole universe including past, present and future is within our brain and whenever required, it flashes in dreams. Thus annihilation of time and space occurs.

My first achievement of God the Preceptor

2) In the last part of 1959, I saw Diamond first in my dream. He was seated on his cot at his residence. This was my achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Diamond who guided and taught me numerous lesions on yoga throughout my life as will be revealed gradually .

My second experience of near-death condition

3) In the year 1964, in my dream, I felt a snake bite and realized that the death was knocking at the door. Surprisingly, I felt no pain. When I was on the verge of death, suddenly my dream went off and I woke up.
[The meaning of this dream was realized after 10 long years when I understood that this was a touch of ‘Sthita samadhi’ when the scattered life-power within a human body gets collected and assembled in the cerebrum and it gives the touch of death , though, by the grace of God-the Preceptor the seer. Overcomes death to attend a new and higher spiritual life.
Then there was a long gap for eight years. When I had no realizations except being busy with my service followed by research work.
Then in the year 1972, one dream completely changed my way of life and this will be an interesting story in the world of divine dreams.]

Indication of my future

4) It was sometime in February-March, 1972, One night I saw in a dream that one of my uncle I was telling me, ‘you will make revolution in Agriculture; Here the dream went off .

[Firstly, I couldn’t grasp the real meaning. But after four years, the meaning flashed in me like this; in microcosm Agriculture means to cultivate a human body (land). After cultivation crops are produced. So, after cultivation of the body by God, innumerable realizations are grown within the body. The inner meaning is that in future the seer will have numerous divine realizations by the grace of God.]
Then came the day which became the turning point of my life.

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