WOW - Was that a Wild or Mild I had?

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WOW - Was that a Wild or Mild I had?

Postby ezzolucid » 30 Apr 2015 16:55

So i had 6 hours sleep last night 2am - 8am and then got ready to do my wild at 11.30am. I got relaxed on my back then moved onto my right side. I used a mantra of 'stay aware stay aware' and about 15 mins later nothing much happened, no HI or numbness, then ...

I am now in a NON lucid dream, i am on a motorbike then im in a pub rescuing someone (this is a normal but vivid dream) then im outside a cafe and a woman is being attacked, i intervene and beat the guy up because he scratched me, then ...

Im back to consciousness but immediately experience 3 waves of amazing head vibrations and a kind of pulling sensation. I remain calm and observe what im feeling, Each 'wave' lasts a few seconds and then it stopped. I just knew i was in a false awakening so i nose pinched, got up, walked out my bedroom lucid. I then had the clarity of mind to shout 'clarity now' as i walked down the stairs i consciously pushed my fingers into the wall to RC and it made a dent :-) I walked outside and enjoyed a great lucid dream. After a few minuets i actually felt myself waking and then woke up for real.

Im very please that i had my 2nd lucid dream but i dont know if it was a wild or mild. The whole point of 6 hours sleep and then napping was to WILD but i did have a vivid dream first then woke directly into a transition back to a lucid dream. As i had a non lucid dream first before the vibrations / transitions was it a wild?

Confused a bit but very happy :idea: ;)

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Re: WOW - Was that a Wild or Mild I had?

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 May 2015 12:20

I wouldn't call it a WILD seeing you were in a non aware dream state for a time first, with WILDs one usually flows straight into an aware dream or become aware very quickly after the entry (within seconds as soon as one is experiencing being else where).
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