Can you recreate events from an anime in a lucid dream?

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Can you recreate events from an anime in a lucid dream?

Postby giaz99 » 05 May 2015 06:38

Just like the title says, I haven't had a lucid dream yet but my dream memory is getting a-lot better and I feel confident I'm doing everything correct so I know I'll have one soon.

So onto the question so I have something to try when I have one!
Can you recreate a fight scene or some scene from an anime. (For example, recreating the final fight of Naruto and Sasuke or watching one of Kaneki's fights in Tokyo Ghoul)
I would see no reason why you couldn't make yourself an anime character but how accurate would an anime world be inside a Lucid Dream?

(Even I couldn't do this, many many idea's to try but still curious about this!)

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Re: Can you recreate events from an anime in a lucid dream?

Postby Spnlawz » 17 May 2015 05:03

Lucid dreaming is created by your mind of you being aware within your dreams. This means that your imagination is your boundary. For many beginners, the first time can be harder to control, factors such as 'getting too excited' can cause you to be awake again, the idea is to stay completely calm, try rubbing your hands In your dreams. Once you are able to control yourself better, you can then try and recreate the anime dream. If you aren't in that certain anime world already, look for a door In the current dream world and vividly picture the anime scene as you enter the door.. In return, you should be able to go to the desired destination. Other known ways of changing the scene of your dream is by changing the channel on a TV and vividly imagining that scene on the TV, once the channel has changed to the desired scene, jump into the TV and your dream scene should morph. Hope this helped

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Re: Can you recreate events from an anime in a lucid dream?

Postby IronLizard » 27 May 2015 04:37

It is definitely possible as a few weeks ago I had a Naruto based LD. I've never had an anime based or fused LD before until then. I didn't really do anything to make it happen though. I was in a mall, where everything looked normal, and in a store on a TV, I saw this Naruto add that only showed Naruto, but with different from normal clothing with the background waving different colors and in my mind I was like "Wait a minute, Naruto doesn't wear those clothes or those colors"...

Then suddenly the dream shifted and in my mind was inserted that someone from the leaf clan (I don't know the exact name sorry lol) killed two of my own clansmen. (It was understood in my mind suddenly that this happened, even though I never witenessed it occur in the dream.) Suddenly when I looked around the mall, there were some normal looking people, but also some dressed in default leaf clan outfits, similar to Rock Lee.

I asked them around for the person who killed my people and finally the name was revealed to be 'Shuta'. They pointed to him and I started chasing him... well I have more details of the dream but that would be going too off topic since I've already answered your question.

The answer is yes, anime can be done in Lucid Dreams. :geek:

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Re: Can you recreate events from an anime in a lucid dream?

Postby Cris » 11 Jun 2015 22:29

Ive never recreated events, but the other day in an LD I saw kagami and kuroko from kuroko no basket!
I just willed them to appear and they did. They looked just like their anime drawing ¿s except 3d. But you can probably do it.

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