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Unusual Dream for Me!

Postby howdo » 05 May 2015 10:22


I wonder if you could help advise what my dream was about.

In my dream I am at my boyfriends funeral, he is in the coffin.

None of his family or friends, apart from his autistic son know me.

On the day of the funeral his family are around is coffin and I desperately what to look at him one last time and say goodbye. I go to the open casket and when no one is looking pinch some of his hair as a keepsake.
I also place a single red rose, taken from a bouquet of red roses across his chest and within the casket place a photo of us together. On the back of the photo, it said something like fun and laughter - Yorkshire moors.

I had to force myself to wake up, as I just kept getting images of him in the coffin.

It's unnerved me a little, as it felt so real and I felt a feeling of sadness and loss..............

Thank you for your help in interpreting this for me

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Re: Unusual Dream for Me!

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 May 2015 11:27

Yorkshire moors.

What meaning does that place hold for you?

In real life does he really have a autistic son?

It sounds like its symbolising having to say goodbye to something in life you love or a part of yourself that you love. Is a close friend moving away, are you feeling like you are having to leave your childhood behind? or anything like that?

Photos can be symbolising something about your own identity. So this dream could well be about having to change and say good bye to a part of yourself you loved. (If you were getting married it could be about the loss of the single life which someone could of loved, I cant see any marriage symbols in it.. or if you have just had a child it could be about the loss of the carefree childless days).

Anyway, it seems to be indicating a loss of some kind. From the symbolism other then a photo there dont seem to be many clues offered in its symbolism of what this loss is other then this thing is treasured and dear to you.

Id feel unnerved by this dream too unless I figured it out so I hope that something I said has made sense. Did you have any dreams just before this one or just after it which you remember?
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