wild into a non rem phrase

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wild into a non rem phrase

Postby ezzolucid » 05 May 2015 19:46

2 questions - what happens when we let ourself fall body asleep / mind awake into a non rem phrase of sleep?

and is this correct. when wilding we let the body sleep and then we put the mind to sleep afterwards but retaining a small pearl of conciusness.

What level of conscienses do most people retain? If screaming from the roof tops dancing and shouting 'i am dreaming' is 100% awareness and barley noticing a mantra is say 5%, what would be a good level of % awareness when wilding.

Should we increase the % intensity of an anchor if we feel we may fall mind asleep before the body, maybe adjust the % intensity down if we feel we are not sleeping?

Just a few thoughts to chew on :?:

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Re: wild into a non rem phrase

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 May 2015 02:31

I personally don't think of it at all as the mind being asleep, just the body. I have 100% awareness in many of my lucids and the ability to be thinking the same as I do in physical life so I cant say my mind is in any way asleep. What I think is important is the mind relaxation.. it needs to be relaxed enough that the subconsciousness is flowing through it too.

To what is a good level of lucidity. I think different people would have different views of that. Im unhappy if say my lucidity level is only 70-80% where as some would be thrilled with that.. I like clear lucidity.
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