I hope someone has a valid solution to this!

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I hope someone has a valid solution to this!

Postby Upon_Darkness » 07 May 2015 11:32

This will be my first post on this forum, so I'll try and explain what my problem is briefly but with detail, I hope there will be a valid solution to this:

Alright, I'll briefly introduce myself: My name is Samuel, but I do prefer to be adressed as Sam. I'm quite young, only 14 years of age. I've shown great interest in the Human conciousness, not just in-general. I've mainly focused on dreams, and their understanding and Human knowledge. Okay, I'll stop this before it turns into a paragraph and I'll continue onto the problem and or problems I've been having:

I'm not sure wether it's a problem with my REM cycles, or not... Ever since I was young I seemed to have a problem processing dreams, if that makes sense for you. It's very hard to explain, and express by words. I find that I DON'T dream at all. It's because I have found on the rare occasion where I do Dream, it's like during my REM cycles when I am having that dream, it's almost as if I'm in that moment and in the Dream. And I remember it vaguely when I get up. Yes, I am aware that you lose memory very quickly of your dreams. But then there's some nights where I am sleeping and nothing is abormal, usually just similar like the last time I had a dream. It's like I had no dreams at all, because I see nothing. After that I get up and don't recall even having a Dream.

(Yes, I know the average person has around 4 dreams per night, but can't recall them.) And it's like this EVERY single night for me, literally. The only way that I regained the ability to observe or see dreams while I sleep is sound induction, listening to Theta and Delta waves...

Another problem I have, that you could come up with an easy solution is:

Whenever I do get the miniscule possibility to dream, It's never, ever vivid, it's always so hazy, and the dreams last so little, as in the dream feels like a 30 second shot or scene from a film, then has a tranistion, this 'transition' is like the dream enviroment for me. It's like I don't notice their are sorroundings, or anything really. It's like I'm focused on one thing. I sometimes dream in black and white, rarely have a hint of colour. The dreams don't seem realistic at all. This really fustrates me alot, and makes sleep awful for me.

I've always wanted to gain the ability to Lucid dream, and I am aware that there are multiple methods of entering the state. But whenever I dream, it's like I'm an observer, I can't do anything at all, and I don't ever notice the enviroment to do a reality check, like look for eletronics or some sort of clock or something. I can't do anything, I can't say anything, I can't think anything. It's extremely hard to manipulate my dreams, especially with those factors. This is yet also fustrsting.

That's all I have to complain about, I hope there are solutions to this. ^^

I don't entirely think I explained it well enough in such detail, like how I said prior to me typing my problems. I hope you don't find it hard to interpret this.

Please excuse me for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

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Re: I hope someone has a valid solution to this!

Postby Martina » 07 May 2015 20:23

Hi Sam!
I'm not an expert, I'm just 16 year old girl who loves to dream but I think your problem is the same problem as a lot of people have. Your dreams are hazy, hard to recall, not very vivid... I've had the same problems and I know so many people who still have them. I have a friend who remeber only 2 dreams a month in average. So, I have a few tips for you that I hope might help :)

1. I think the best thing you can do is to keep a dream journal. I don't know if you keep one but if you don't, I highly recommend having one. It's the best way to start remembering dreams. Every morning you wake up write down everything you remember, be sure to write as many details as you are able to recall. But it have to be the first thing you do right after you wake up! Don't be disappointed if you can't remember anything. It will change. The more dreams you write down, the more dreams you'll be able to recall. Now, I remember 3-6 dreams per night.

2. The other thing is to believe you can do it. Think about the feeling you'll have if you woke up in the morning remembering in detail what you were dreaming about. Think about dreams whenever you have time and be truly confident you'll make it.

3. Try to calm your mind before you go to sleep. I've read it's great to avoid TV and computer at least an hour before you go to sleep (for me personally it's impossible :D ) .

4. Try to make yourself sleep at least 6 hours.

5. And again, believe in yourself. Don't give up after a few weeks or months. You have to realise it takes a lot of effort and practise. It won't change immediately.

Fingers crossed :)

Oh and I'm sorry if there are any mistakes in grammar or whatever. My english isn't very good and this have taken me ages to write :D

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