Confused about WILD & nrem

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Confused about WILD & nrem

Postby ezzolucid » 09 May 2015 12:59

Hi, im a little confused about the stages that we go through when WILDING. Lets say that i know that my REM cycle will begin at 5am

I then get 6 hours sleep and wake at 4am and stay awake for 30 mins

I then go to bed and begin my WILD process at 4.30am. Let say for this example that my REM is not going to start until 5am, this leaves my questions

1) I know that my body will not stay awake until my next rem cycle as that is 30 mins away so what happens if my body falls asleep whilst consciously aware in say 10 mins ( 20 mins away from my next REM cycle) Am I asleep? I wont be lucid dreaming because i am in non-rem phrase. Would I have to wait another 20 mins for my rem cycle to kick in before i am in a lucid dream (providing i can keep conscious for that long

I guess im asking what happens when we perform a successful WILD direct into NON-REM? What if my next REM cycle is 1 hour away? Would i just lie awake or would i be asleep? Im a bit confused beacuse when we wbtb wild, it is likely that the REM cycle could be 30 mins away, so what happens during that time? Are we asleep? Does the body wait until there is a rem cycle before it sleeps? aarrghhh any advice very welcome, thanks guys

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Re: Confused about WILD & nrem

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 May 2015 21:26

Am I asleep? I wont be lucid dreaming because i am in non-rem phrase.

It's a myth that people have to be in rem to dream. There are non-rem dreams too. Non-rem dreams tend to be much more mundane and often about normal life stuff then rem dreams.
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