My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 10 May 2015 09:02

Chapter 4

Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about me in dream

5) March 3, 1972. I dreamt that I had gone to one of my friend’s house at Howrah Town (near Kolkata) to collect the 2nd and 3rd part of a book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond based on his personal realizations). But they said that they had not a single book. So I came out and aimlessly roamed here and there and unmindfully reached the residence of Diamond where; I found Diamond sitting on his cot in his room. Seeing me he only uttered without asking anything: Hey! You will write the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. Then and there the dream went off.

[I gave no importance on it, But within 2-3 days some urge appeared in my mind to find this book. Strangely, I had no idea that book was already written by Diamond. I thought, I might have to write this book. As days passed on, some force began to arise within me for Diamond and gradually my mind began to change from the worldly affairs towards the world of Diamond where I felt that the true religion means the spontaneous evolution of life power within a human body to be transformed into God.

Thus a new divine life began in me together with my material world and was bloomed with innumerable strange and unique dreams enriching my mind and thoughts .

After several years when I had undergone & various realizations, I realized what was its real meaning. I realized that my God-the-Preceptor wanted to say that in future I would have various realizations mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. Because’ to write; means fixation of the affects of realizations within the body

Note: In real life, this actually happened when I had experienced many realizations as mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd part of the book as will be revealed in many of my dreams later on.]

Vision of the future ascent and descent austerity

6) May2, 1972: I dreamed early in the morning that along with my two-three friends I was swimming in a pond. I defeated others and reached the other side of the pond and again came back to the starting point. The dream then went off.

[Five years later after having experiences of lots of ascent and descent realizations, I realized that this dream revealed that I would have a fast course of austerity of ascent and descent in future. ]

Vision of my future

7) May3, 1972: Early morning dream: A girl was seated in front of me, as if she would be married to me. I felt very upset. All on a sudden I observed that Sri Ramkrishna was sitting behind the girl with a sweet smiling face having an affectionate look on me. I had nothing but looking at him helplessly. Suddenly he took a paper and wrote on it that my marriage would be cancelled. Then the dream went off.

[The dream could not be followed for a long time, but gradually the effect of the dream came in my life in a way that the feelings for ritualistic marriage was eradicated from my mind and so ultimately remained bachelor].

Vision of goddess Saraswati or Deity of Vedic cult

8) May 9, 1972, Noontime dream : I was looking at the idol of Goddess Saraswati . All on a sudden to my utter Surprise she came out of the idol in flesh and blood and sat in front of me. I asked her, ‘Mother, what is called knowledge’? Though she answered but I could not remember after my dream went off.

[ Saraswati is considered in Vedas, the symbol of Vedic knowledge—The knowledge of knowing ‘self’
The dream indicated that in future the seer will gain knowledge of own self.]

Forecast of God-the-Preceptor about himself

9) May13, 1972:

Early morning dream: I saw the sky overhead, full of moonbeam light and a flock of illuminating birds flying beneath the sky. I had been observing these scenes from a 2-storied house. The ocean was seen in front of the house. Suddenly I observed that Diamond was sitting in front of me, showing me with his finger the scene and saying, ‘Hey! Look! Look!’ Then he turned round sitting in a different posture. Within a moment some-body came to him. I looked at him and found that he was my father, Diamond told me, ‘I am the greatest from Moses Period. I shall live for another ‘one and half thousand years’.
Then my father bowed down to his feet and he gave his blessings putting his hand on my father’s head. The dream then sent off.

[ Spontaneous revelation appeared in me in the following ways:
(a) The light was seen in the fourth plane of the body.
(b) Sky is seen in the fifth plane during austerity.
(c) Here God-the-Preceptor gave his own introduction; among all the great religious teachers Diamond had experienced the highest order of austerity though basically all are same in class.
(d) The seer’s father also received the blessings of God the-the-Preceptor, though indirectly. ]

Appearance of God-the-Preceptor

10) 18th May, 1972, Thursday , Early morning dream ; I have gone to Calcutta University Science College at Ballygunge, Calcutta. One of my friend gave me an address and said, ‘Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond) is staying there’. Hearing this, I almost rushed to that house and saw Diamond sitting there. Seeing me he asked, ‘Why have you not come so long’? I gave my excuses and then my dream went off.

After a while again I felt asleep and saw in the dream that Diamond was sitting in a room on the 1st floor. I sat beside him and he gave me the book ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and said , ‘Read it’, I started reading and then the dream went off.

[ Here God-the-Preceptor gave company to the seer for his satisfaction and consolation due to his long Detachment with Diamond in reality. ].

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