Dream snippets but no sleep

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Dream snippets but no sleep

Postby ezzolucid » 11 May 2015 13:04

Hi, i had 3 naps last weeks and 3 successful wilds but now i cant replicate that success. I get 6 hours sleep and then 3 hours later i have a nap. I lie on back and i experience many short dream snippets, like 10 second dreams, i get mild vibrations and all over numbness but i still cannot transition. Eventually i fine i have fallen asleep normally even though i have been saying a mantra throughout. Im not sure what to do as it seems im so close but cannot complete that final transition.

Can anyone offer some advice for me please. I practise my nap wild everyday and have had 3 LD this way but now it wont happen :cry:

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Re: Dream snippets but no sleep

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 May 2015 09:23

I have that inconsistency happens to me too.. eg a couple of weeks or so ago I had a LD for 3 days straight every time I tried to WILD (I think I had 4 in 4 attempts) and then just was failing to WILD on the days after.

I find it has something to do with my state Im in at the time. I get this like super belief that I can do it.. this belief happens easier once I've had the first so I then keep having them in the following days.

I cant say what is happening for you but at least you know you can do it even if you aren't now.

I also in my case suspect the moon phase affects it too! (I really need to study this more but I seem to get more LDs around time of full moon). Was it the few days around the full moon you had your experiences?
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