Vibrations etc - Physiological reasons?

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Vibrations etc - Physiological reasons?

Postby TillyPink » 12 May 2015 23:08

Hello, Does anybody know of or even have any idea of what might cause vibrations and intense head pressure during transition states? From the WOLD website, for eg:

"The Vibrational State.
You may experience vibrations, or a very loud buzzing sound, which seems to come out of nowhere. It feels like electricity, or a fast vibrating in your head, and you may even wonder if your head is going to explode... But it doesn't actually hurt; it's just a very noisy distraction that simply means you are on the brink of falling asleep consciously. Think of it as like changing frequencies on a radio - this is the white noise in the middle." Taken from the section on WILD.

But does anyone have any ideas or vague hypothesis (oohh big word alert!) as to what may be happening on a physiological level? :geek:

Occasionally if I re-enter dream a few times (if I have a brief awakening or want to pause for a moment of recall during a longer wake induced lucid dream) I will get intense vibrations every time. Now I have woken before with a real ache in my diaphragm (or solar plexus if anyone into chakra alignments) and also sometimes my head does indeed hurt muchly. Although in the past I have attributed this to the same cause of continued pain carried from dream to wake - your body believes it has been in pain so therefore a residual effect is carried over into waking state. This is probs the explanation. But if I'm really honest, there have been moments where I have been laying there on my 3rd or 4th 'out of body exit' into the dream space and consciously thinking..' this doing my body any harm?' :? Perhaps a silly question, but hey, that why we are here right? ;)

Any feedback much appreciated. Thanks. I've over smilied. No more smilies Tilly. What am I like :roll:

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Re: Vibrations etc - Physiological reasons?

Postby Snaggle » 13 May 2015 03:09

The "buzzing" which can also sound like drilling or an engine is a dream sound caused by two small bones (the hammer and stirrup) which vibrate when one is in the Rem dreams and is a sigh you're still dreaming.

The "vibrations" are really two chemicals being released that cause REM Muscle Atonia. I've been really awake while my body is asleep (failed WILD attempts), the vibrations start at the base of ones skull and one can feel them moving down every little nerve as they do. They also come in pulses which seem to vary in speed depending on the individual. They should never be in your head and if they are they're more dream images of the real thing.

Feelings of pain in the solar plexus area and head: you could be installing deeply while sleeping, holding your breath and forcing it upwards -this would cause both pain in both areas if done too much or wrongly. I would film yourself sleeping or have your sleeping mate see what you're doing, as if you're doing this it is dangerous.
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Re: Vibrations etc - Physiological reasons?

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 May 2015 11:16

I haven't got physiological reasons but it sounds like you are feeling energy.

Vibrations I personally believe are caused by feeling the contrasting energy between two different bodies (the astral and the physical).

On energetic level, pains in solar plexus are very common. It is the seat of where many negative emotional energies including fears are held (eg someone feeling sick to the stomach when something is disturbing) and hence energy blocks are very common in that solar plexus area and those can cause pain. I feel energy blocks all the time while fully awake.

Negative thought patterns on energy levels in and through the brain affect the head...
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Re: Vibrations etc - Physiological reasons?

Postby TillyPink » 17 May 2015 00:17

Thanks Snaggle, yes I guess when I WILD I am hearing/feeling the sensations of Sleep Paralysis onset...the Hammer and Stirrup example would make sense... and in terms of dreaming, may account for the amplified noises of such. Do you ever wonder (despite only having had failed WILD attempts, but I guess you have got to the bridge...just a very thin skin away from stepping up into lucid REM/ you just wake up in the literal sense?) if these sensations are more intense due to the overlap of wake and sleep experienced consciously? Or do you think we experience the exact same sensations transitioning to sleep when unconscious?

Hmm. It would be SO cool to get someone to film me in this process :D Need someone who is happy to rise with me at 4am and sit holding a camera for 30 mins!! I feel a bit nervous about what you say as I don't understand it completely...I mean...when I transition into dream or sleep consciously I am normally meditating so my body and breath feels very level...having said that I don't know what happens after I cross the threshold...and in my experience it has normally happened by the time I feel any sensations ie..I am already in dream by then...just on the onset....but still consciously...unconscious.

Thanks taniaaust1. I really have no idea. When I transition into sleep or dream consciously, it maybe that I have emotional blocks. My body does not seem to care. It does it anyway. Just with thick, gritty, buzzing, vibrating sensations in the solar plexus and sometimes throat too...and an intense pressure in my head. It wasn't always like this. It used to be just macabre chattering that I managed to change into laughing school kids. Once recently I started dreaming about a 4X4 running over my head...I realised why and changed the dream...but that is the intensity level. So yeh I guess that is the sensation of transition state...sometimes I lie there and wonder if it can hurt me! On a physical level. Which is why I've stopped it so often. Which ruins the dream experience yeh? What about you? How is it for you? Ive read a bit about head pressure from eg's in LaBerges studies...but perhaps nobody acts as much of a baby as I do!!

Thanks for the input. xx

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