My advanced Lucid Dreaming Youtube Channel

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My advanced Lucid Dreaming Youtube Channel

Postby LucidLayla » 17 May 2015 10:04

Hi Guys,

I am Lucid Layla and I just started my own Youtube Channel about advanced lucid dreaming. I am not so much speaking about techniques that you all probably know but it is my mission to provide inspiration and new ideas to people who already accomplished to have their first lucid dream.

Many of my tips help you to prolong your lucid dreams and to do experiments that bring you to the limits of your mind.

Check out my latest video about "Interacting with dream figures to gain knowledge from your subconscious mind" here:

:D :D :D :!:

Stay Lucid!

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Re: My advanced Lucid Dreaming Youtube Channel

Postby wagstamj » 24 May 2015 03:12

I'm Mark and I'm heading to the YouTube page now! Thank you!

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