I kissed my waiter... whaaaaaat?

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I kissed my waiter... whaaaaaat?

Postby theyellowviolet » 19 May 2015 20:31

I had a dream the other night I haven't been able to shake off. I was going to this fancy Gala and was to model some fancy dresses with a group of girls (and we were also the orchestra but my dream never displayed that) and we each basically had our own personal waiters during the dinner. I found mine very attractive and all the girls sitting with me told me I need to kiss him before the end of the night. He was very flirty with me and spent some time chatting with me. A bunch of the other girls got up to dance and a bunch of big fat rude men sat down at the tables near me and started bossing around "my" waiter. He wanted to see me again later, but I just left because something happened that pissed me off, so I went back to our changing area to put on jeans and a tshirt so I could leave. But then the waiter walked in while I was packing up. He had taken off his white button down shirt and was only wearing his undershirt, pants, and shoes. I started to leave but he followed and stopped in front of me blocking my exit. I remembered all the girls telling me I needed to kiss him, and I wanted to kiss him, so I just grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him hard. He kissed me back with the same passion and things started to get heated until one of the other girls walked in. But she didn't seem to care or notice, so we left. We ended up at some apartment complex because he needed to get something from his house but we were basically trying to run away together.

The waiter had a face in my dream. I want to say it was the actor Miles Teller but I'm not 100% sure. But it wasn't someone I consciously knew from my personal life.

I'd also like to add I'm in my mid 20s, married, and do no kind of modeling nor do I go to fancy parties. What does this mean?

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Re: I kissed my waiter... whaaaaaat?

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 May 2015 05:22

I cant interpret this dream well so would be interested to see others reply to it to see what they say but maybe kissing the waiter could indicate you are wanting to do a bit more daring things in your love life (not necessarily with others, it could also mean with your husband).

I myself see modelling as a daring kind of thing to be doing too as most wouldn't put themselves out there like that.

So maybe wanting to break out of current boundries one imposing upon oneself???? Wanting to take more risks in life, wanting to stop being so constrained.

He kissed me back with the same passion

Maybe wanting more passion in your love life.
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