problem with WILd

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problem with WILd

Postby ZisElite » 20 May 2015 10:53

I am a Greek high school student, which means that I don't have much free time and my sleep time at night is very important to wake up at 5-6 o'clock. So the little free time I have I am trying to practice at WILD. The thing is that I have never experience sleep paralysis before. So even if I know that it is something normal and not harmful, my heart beats start to rise when I feel my body really numb and I believe that this ruins everything. on Monday I spent about an hour without moving in my bed and nothing happened.

If you know any way to relax and lower your heart beats, please help.

Now about the "wake up at night, don't move your body or open your eyes and you will make it". I tried but every time I wake up at night it is for good. I have to lay in my bed for about an hour before I fall asleep again.
I woke up yesterday and, like on Monday, absolute failure.

If anyone can help my please do.

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Re: problem with WILd

Postby dragonster82 » 21 May 2015 08:14

Hey buddy, if you aren't quite so foreign to technology and audio production, you might want to try out my method, which I believe works quite well.

Do check out my other post in this sub-forum :)

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