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Social Media and Internet

Postby xI GENGAR Ix » 23 May 2015 08:21

Hi all
I check my Facebook and YouTube account quiet a lot everyday plus Google searching etc......considering a lot of people do this in this typical tech age I'm wondering does this have a positive or negative impact whilst practising lucid dreaming?
On one hand filling your head with pointless conversations and random videos cannot be good but on the other hand maybe filling ur head with random videos and conversations with different people might be good for your head when it comes to lucid dreaming as it contributes to imagination in dreams due to all the different videos and people etc.
I stopped going on the internet for a week and in that time I had 2 lucid dreams in one week which is good for me.....either not going on the internet for a week helped me to have lucid dreams or maybe it was just a fluke =/

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Re: Social Media and Internet

Postby dreamerinmiami » 30 May 2015 04:45

I believe that when we are constantly connected online we are not in "reality". Social media and youtube kind of puts us in a lets waste time mode, and youre basically just a zombie. When we are not connected to social media etc. we can be present and notice real life. Being lucid in real life helps to be lucid in the dream world. Idk if that makes sense to you.

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