I'm a little scared

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I'm a little scared

Postby Sylvia » 23 May 2015 17:20

Hi, I really didn't know where to post this. I just want some advice but before this, I'll have to tell you the whole story. The one I never said the my close ones...

If some of you read my presentation, than you already know I've had lucid dreams since I was a child.
I don't remember how old I was when I first started having them, only that, at the time, they were my worst nightmares. Imagine this: you are only a little child and then, in the middle of a dream, you realise that you are dreaming. My first reaction was to panic. I was so scared to never wake up... To be inprison in those dreams forever. Each time, I tried to woke myself up, with little to no succes. Sometimes, when I tried to woke myself up, I'll just end up in another dream where I thought I woke up in the real world. Then I'll realise this was just another dream, thus the nightmarish situation. In the real world, this also caused me some problem, because I had a difficult time telling wich was real and wich was just another dream. My mother don't know about that but whenever we talk about my chilhood, she alway laugh when saying it was funny how I alway asked her if I was dreaming all the time...

So, after lacking some serious amount of sleep, I finally grew up to be a teenager and I try to forget about those strange dreams. It didn't work out, because those dreams never left me. So, instead of trying to forget about them, I try to learn to control them. It worked for some times. That's about when those dreams became those dreams and stopped being those horrific nightmares. I even learned to love them. In them, I was able to do everything and above all, flying was my favorite.

This is about where things get a little weird.

One day, I woke up in my room and on my bed, I saw my body sleeping. Under my feet, there was this black portal thing and I was swallowed by it. Of course, I panicted and tried to get away from it, with no success. I then heard a really sweet voice telling me to stop struggeling and to let it go. For some unknown reason, I listen to it and I let this strange portal swallow me hole. Then, I can't really describe this feeling, but for a second, I stopped to exist. I couldn't think and all I was feeling was peace and rest. That's when I woke up.

After this, the voice spoke to me more often in my dream. It told my how to access lucid dreaming without any transistion by passing through those black portals. Before, I had lucid dreams quite often but I could not control when I had them. With this trick, I was able to have them whenever I wanted. Of course I played in them, making little experimentation. But the thing I loved to experiment the most was going throught those portals and see where they would lead me. It alway felt like the more portal I went throught, the deeper I was in my dreams.

After that, I had a bad experience. One morning, I woke up and I was floating above my body. I couldn't move. That's when a strange man in old clothes came in my room and try to get close to my body. I couldn't do anything but I did wake up before he could get to me. After that, I tried to stop my experiments and my strange dreams.

It didn't work for long. After some times, another strange even took place.

I have to said that at those times, the characters in my dream mean nothing to me. They were like programmed mpc (for those who know what gaming is) with no importance. But then, one day, when I was flying around and playing, one of those character said something that really scared me. He told me: "It's good that you're doing this instead of going through these portals, those are dangerous." I woke up just after he told me this. In my lucid dreams, the characters never interact with me, so believe me, I was scared.

And after this, another strange even took place.

One day, the voice came back. It was in the morning and my whole body was feeling this strange... tingle? I don't know how to say it properly in english... But so yeah, my whole body was feeling this strange sensation and the voice told me to let the sensation spread. Again, I listen to it and I woke up in my room, my sleeping body next to me and everything more realistic than it's ever be. I had this horrifying feeling that I was leaving my body defenseless so I try to come back in it. It worked pretty well...

Since those strange experiences, I'm scared to lucid dream againt. Does any of you have some advices for me please?

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Re: I'm a little scared

Postby xI GENGAR Ix » 23 May 2015 18:16

Wow I don't really have advice as such but with me......when I'm in a dream and somethings strange happens I just check my finger tattoos and if they are not there then I know I'm dreaming which then makes me happy.....my dream characters don't really talk to me....they seem to have there own mind tho and are usually doing there own things.....if heard that when you are in a lucid dream you can ask out loud any question you want to know and u will get a response.....I'm guessing your subconscious is your responce.......I stay happy in my lucid dreams....as long as you know your dreaming then nothing can really hurt you so just try to enjoy it and do everything that you cannot do in real life.........your a much more natural and experience lucid dreamer than me.....I'd class it as a gift because I have to train to become lucid as it doesn't come natural to me....

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Re: I'm a little scared

Postby Atrag » 23 May 2015 19:26

I created this account to make a similar post. What a coincidence that you posted this today!

Until quite recently I thought lucid dreams were normal - that everyone had them all the time. From being a small child I had the same experience as you. I felt trapped in my dreams. I was afraid to go to sleep and the thought that I would have so many hours of dreaming before I woke. I can never control the things that go on around me though - I am just conscious all the time. I used to have a recurring nightmare of waking up in my bed to have this dark figure pull me under the bed. Sometimes I'd run out of the house but he would always get me. When he got me everything would turn black and I'd feel his hands all over my body. It felt like tickling but in an unpleasant way (I sometimes worry if this was due to some sort of sexual abuse before an age I can remember...). Then I would be transported to another place where another nightmare would begin.

I still have the "problem" of lucid dreaming. I am used to it now but it still panics me a little when I can't wake up when I want to. How do you tell if you are dreaming or not? I pinch my cheeks.. if I feel a sharp pain, like normal, then I am not dreaming but if it is just pressure without any pain I know I am dreaming.

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Re: I'm a little scared

Postby jasmine2 » 28 May 2015 03:41

It sounds lot you have had many interesting dreaming adventures - especially your description of your profound dream in which you allowed yourself to be swallowed by a black portal, and a sweet voice told you to "stop struggling and let go", and "for a second, I stopped to exist. I couldn't think, and all I was feeling was peace and rest".

- I suggest these resources, which have been helpful for me. -

(1) - Here at world-of-lucid-dreaming.com website - On Home page, click tabs - "Articles" and "Resources"

(2) Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner

(3) Website - "Dream Studies Portal" - dreamstudies.org - Hosted by Ryan Hurd - Many informative articles on lucid dreaming, dream research and resources

(4) - Website - Lucid Dreaming Experience - dreaminglucid.com
Additional older issues of LDE and interviews will be made available soon. This website is co-hosted by Robert Waggoner. (Website former name was - Lucid Dream Exchange)

(5) - Book - "Journeys Out Of The Body" by Robert Monroe

(6) - Book - Adventures Beyond The Body" by William Buhlman

(7) - Book - "Creative Dreaming" by Patricia Garfield

(8) - Article - "Joseph Campbell: His Life And Contributions" - An Interview With Jonathan Young,Ph.D - folkstory.com

(9) - Websearch - billmoyers.com - "Joseph Campbell And The Power Of Myth"
Brief introductory videos + complete transcripts of 6 episodes of this very popular PBS TV series of interviews

Best Wishes - jasmine2

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