To remember a dream

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To remember a dream

Postby berggg » 26 May 2015 12:12

What does it mean to remember a dream? I often read and hear that one should remember at least one or two dreams a night. But no one problematizes what this actually means. I often remember something from a dream or two. Maybe I sometimes remember "a whole dream". But it does not feel like that. It always feels like I remember only "episodes" or flashes from my dreams. It almost always feels that there is more to my dreams than I'm able to remember. But how should I know for sure since there's never a definite beginning to a dream? And there's only an end if you suddenly wake up (or become lucid and end it yourself by doing something else).

To summarize, does remembering "something" from a dream qualify to remembering a dream? Or do I have to remember the whole dream, whatever that means?

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Re: To remember a dream

Postby gfhedf » 30 May 2015 12:08

There is no rule that you should remember 1-2 dreams a night,remembering all dreams a night is nearly impossible.I think that remembering one full dream is extremely hard too,so i think if you remember at least something, you remember that dream.Also remembering lucid dreams seems easier to me :) Good luck

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