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Postby derth_vadur » 26 May 2015 19:33

I have dreams, random dreams. In those dreams i can feel everything. The pain etc. BUT i am not able to control these dreams and these dreams are totally RANDOM. I had these few random dreams then i got into this lucid dream. Usually i had very few of these dreams, 2 dreams in 3 months. But since i got into lucid dream i have them almost everyday. I read about the WILD method and FILD method. I tried to do the FILD method, i woke up after 3-4 hours and i was feeling very tired so i slept again and moved my fingers. I could feel body feeling weak and numb. But i never got into a lucid dream. My eyes flashed and white rings appeared but a scene was never set up. Please i need help, i have random lucid dreams but not the ones i want :|

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Postby RealityCheck » 28 May 2015 10:55

Hey there,

You might need to stabilize your dreams a little. Try rubbing your hands together, spinning around, or shouting "clarity now!". Once the dream is clear, attempt to do something simple as levitating an object at your will or changing the scene. You need determination and belief that you can control your own dream.

For FILD, tap your fingers gently as you feel yourself drift to sleep, and after about 30 seconds ~ 1 minutes (don't count each second) do a reality check. The problem for me was that when it worked, there were bright white lights flashing in my eyes in my room, and I jerked up just to find myself in bed awake again.

You can try Wake Back to Bed method. Works like FILD: wake up after 4-6 hours and get yourself a little awake. Read a book, go to the bathroom, or do something for 20-60 minutes. Go back to sleep and visualize your lucid dream environment as you fall asleep. It's pretty simple, and I have had accidental lucid dreams while falling asleep trying to do FILD. If your FILD fails, you might trigger your WBTB method. :)
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