Hearing music in dreams

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Hearing music in dreams

Postby Musicaldreams » 28 May 2015 13:03

Ok so first of all this is quite weird and I was just wondering if anyone knows or has experienced anything like this before. So I don't really lucid dream (although I have tried), but sometimes my dreams are very vivid. I also have no trouble remembering my dreams. Occasionally though i hear music, like distinctively. I play guitar so I'm always hearing this kind of music, but It's really weird.

I started to play some of the things I had heard in my dreams, (I've started a blog about it if you're interested in having a look at it it's here: http://musicfromadream.tumblr.com) and I can't decide whether I've heard the songs before or whether they're completely original.

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Re: Hearing music in dreams

Postby netracerx » 29 May 2015 20:24

i've heard music in my dreams before, and like you i'm a vivid dreamer. i only wish i could play what i hear, because i know it's not music i've heard before. i'd be willing to believe they're original works much like the dreams themselves (since they're a part of your dream), complete fabrications of your mind while you sleep.

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Re: Hearing music in dreams

Postby Kitfox » 30 May 2015 09:00

I think this is pretty cool. I rarely hear music in my dreams. But I'm an artist, and I get ideas for making art both in my dreams and when I'm lucid dreaming. Usually it's just that I'm in a room or something, and there happens to be some great art on the wall, and I feel like it's there just for me to look at, and maybe use in a painting later. Or else I'm dreaming, and in the dream I suddenly see a canvas and start drawing on it. Dreaming is a wonderful source for creativity.

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