My intro: collective consciousness?

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My intro: collective consciousness?

Postby thealems » 29 May 2015 22:35

Hello all,

I've just joined this forum. I've been able to lucid dream for a few years now but have only got consistent with it (at least once a week) in the last few months.

Recently I've been thinking about some sort of possible collective consciousness (related to remote viewing, telepathy, parapsychology...). I'm actually a scientist by job and a total skeptic of this sort of thing, so have been doing my own experiments during lucid dreams to test this sort of stuff out.

Particularly I've been trying to talk to people in my dreams (when I'm not lucid, my dream characters are often people I know from my 'awake' life, but when I'm lucid I find I do not recognise them and they are much more interesting) to try to find other lucid dreamers within my lucid dreams and ask them questions. If anyone is doing something similar - or can point me to some good reading materials - I'd be very happy to know :)

Best wishes to all.

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Re: My intro: collective consciousness?

Postby gfhedf » 01 Jun 2015 10:48

Hi thealems :) Interacting with other real people in a dream seems impossible to me because everything happens inside your brain and others probably cant get into it :mrgreen: (at least for now,who knows what will happen after 20 years :idea: ).But for now,all people you see are productions of your own mind.Im happy if i helped you
And sorry for my English :P

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