Help Starting Off

If you're new to lucid dreaming, browse this forum for answers to your questions, or post and ask for specific tips on getting started.
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Help Starting Off

Postby Madminer » 01 Jun 2015 00:40

Hey, so I first read about lucid dreaming a few months ago, and my dreams have been weird in nature over the past few days (they usually are but weirder recently) so I remembered lucid dreaming and I'm really wanting to give it a go. Anybody got some tips or tricks to help get things going? I've read what's on the site, but always good to ask people I'm forums as well.

(If your interested in the weird nature of my dreams, I'd be happy to share)

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Re: Help Starting Off

Postby gfhedf » 01 Jun 2015 10:24

If you read what on the site,thats all you need. good luck with lucid dreaming :) my dreams are also weirder than normal :D i think its because you just think more about dreaming
if youre beginner(like me) i recommend you MILD method.That helped me in 2 weeks
Also dont force you to have lucid dreams everyday i tried 2 weeks but nothing happened then i just thinked less about it and rested then i had 2 lucid dreams in 2 days :)
These are my recommendations
Sorry for my english :P

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Re: Help Starting Off

Postby StrawberrySnail » 12 Jun 2015 21:08

Hi Madminer,

I found it easiest to enter a lucid dream after waking up at night (best time for me are the morning hours): After waking up, maybe walk around the house for a few minutes, then go back to bed and lie very still, don´t move at all. That can be hard, but try it out and be patient. Keep lying there completely still, eyes closed, and picture yourself entering a lucid dream.

I had my first lucid dreams as a kid. When I woke up at night back then, I often had nightmares when I fell back asleep so I tried to stay awake for as long as I could to avoid the nightmares. Result was, I kept my mind active and alert all the way into the dream...

Good luck to you and don´t force it, it´ll come at some point!
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