Failed telekinesis attempt

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Failed telekinesis attempt

Postby Musicaldreams » 04 Jun 2015 17:36

Last night I dreamt a plane crashed in my garden and I was fixing it. Then I dropped one of the parts and I realised i was dreaming, so i was like "Oh cool, I'll pick this up using telekinesis". So I reached out my hand to make the piece of metal rise up (because it was a dream, and I knew that you can basically do whatever you want in dreams). For some reason I couldn't make the piece of metal move with my mind, so I simply sat on my garden chair and stared at the sky in frustration. Then I must've woken up.

I just found it strange that I couldn't manipulate my surroundings as easily as it sounds when reading internet articles. I think overexcitement could be a factor, and the fact my lucid dreams seem to come as I'm nearly waking up, so I have little time to practice.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

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Re: Failed telekinesis attempt

Postby RealityCheck » 05 Jun 2015 13:52

Telekinesis! Yes, I've done that several times before.

It may be different for everyone, but I also had extreme difficulty getting things to float into my hand and stuff. For me, just thinking I could levitate things didn't cause it to work. I actually had to STRAIN really really hard to the point I could feel my muscles flexing to actually lift a spoon into my hand. Then I tried to do the swirly thing where you spin two objects above your hand (like X-Men, Days of Future Past where Magneto uses two iron balls) but the spoon and the small bowl just dropped onto the floor when I tried.

You should make sure you're fully lucid and try using all your strength to will things into your hand. It was very difficult for me, but the experience was very cool :)
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Re: Failed telekinesis attempt

Postby netracerx » 05 Jun 2015 21:32

it took me years of practice as a kid to master telekinesis in my dreams. like RealityCheck said, you have to be fully lucid for it to succeed more often than not. now it's second nature, much like flying or throwing fireballs, but it took lots of persistence and practice along with realizing you can do it because it's just a dream.

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Re: Failed telekinesis attempt

Postby deschainXIX » 06 Jun 2015 03:29

I think the key to employing lucid dreaming superpowers is to continually and emphatically make oneself aware that everything one is experiencing is nothing more than simulation produced by the mind. Nothing exists, there are no rules.

A mental phrase or mantra may be useful as well. For example when one wants to lift, bend, manipulate, or compromise an object, one might think, And--FLEX, and eventually the mind will know that if it thinks this, it will get a certain supernatural event to happen.

Verbal incantations, spells, key-words, can function as "command codes" for the mind, like typing in a certain code on a computer, so that one can by-pass the summoning of mental willpower necessary for excessive alterations to natural physical laws. For example, I use a certain word esoteric to my mind for automatically reverting a fading lucid dream to its zenith in vivacity and intensity. Works like a charm.

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Re: Failed telekinesis attempt

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 07 Jun 2015 03:53

Similar to what deschain said, you have to make your brain understand that everything is possible, which can be difficult at times. Something that has actually helped me is watching the show "Heroes" on Netflix (which by the way is a great show). From watching all of these people with superpowers (telekinesis, flight, time control), my lucid dreams have been a lot easier to manipulate. Now I just use telekinesis with the flick of my fingers (Sylar style!).
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