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Postby Azzigorky » 06 Jun 2015 22:11

I used to be good at recalling my non-lucid dreams in length and detail. As I have started lucid dreaming, my quality of recall is the first thing to be diminished. :?:

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Re: Remembering

Postby Zeccahoo » 09 Jun 2015 05:49


The first thing to remember (ironically) is to not try too hard.
One thing that did help me, when I was a kid and began learning about lucid dreaming, is to recite to myself calmly to "remember my dreams" before I went to bed. I could remember dreams like a pro for the next 2 weeks or so. The idea is to set the idea in your mind, but don't force it. Let it be a part of your drifting off to bed. I hope this helps and would like to hear more later.

Sleep well.

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